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How businesses can boost conversion rates through YouTube Videos?

How businesses can boost conversion rates through YouTube Videos?

Video ads on YouTube have always been successful in enhancing the brand image. Now, this platform will also help businesses to improve conversion rates. But how?

Many businesses have been using the YouTubeplatform to improve their brand visibility by uploading their ad videos. But now to make those videos shoppable Google has introduced a new tool.

Let’s get into more details and understand how this tool is going to work?

According to Google, this new tool will help advertisers to add images of browsing products and drive potential clients directly to the product branding page. In a way, it will help the business to generate leads and improve conversions.

Such an announcement by Google arrives at a time when the majority of the businesses are struggling hard to pique the interest of their potential clients and have suffered a great loss due to COVID-19.

While talking about its social popularity, YouTube disclosed nearly 70% of people purchase products after watching product videos on YouTube.

And now, to make the tool work advertisers would need to sync the ad videos with Google Merchant Center Feed. Then, to direct the interested users straightaway to the product listing page, marketers need to visually expand the CTA (Call-to-action) button by the best-selling products they desire to get featured in the video ads.

The advantage of this app is that it will not only automatically bring video ads that are featured under YouTube home Feed, watch pages, and Google video partners, within a single campaign, but it will also help advertisers to have a better understanding of the attributes. The report from such attribution will always be beneficial for a business to have a better understanding of budget allocation, like the areas to improve the impact of such Video Ads.

So, indeed it’s good news for advertisers who’s business is dependent on new leads to blossom. Happy Reading!