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You can no longer avail the Walkie-Talkie feature of your Apple Watch

You can no longer avail the Walkie-Talkie feature of your Apple Watch

There is a bug in it hampering user’s privacy. Know what it is

Apple watch made it easier for spies to eavesdrop on other iPhone conversation using its Walkie-Talkie feature. This is certainly a major problem which Apple has identified very recently.

However, the good news is that till date Apple has not received any customer complaints so it can be assumed there are no serious cases of exploitation so far. Apple’s watch Walkie-Talkie feature rolled out last year September in OS 5 model. As soon as the company became aware of such vulnerability it disabled this particular feature.

Don’t worry so much as this has been done temporarily. As soon as the team fixes the bug this feature will be restored again.
Apple has always been strict about its user’s privacy. So, disabling such feature till the time bug is fixed is the wisest decision they have taken. Although this is not the first time such a thing has happened to its products.

Earlier also there was a similar bug found on iPhone’s FaceTime where someone after giving a call from their iPhone to another iPhone could easily listen to the conversation using their microphone, even if the receiver didn’t pick up the call.

But again Apple has worked towards it and the problem is no longer attached to the phone. Hopefully, the bug lying within Apple Watch will be fixed soon and the service will be resumed.