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You can deliberately earn money through “Facebook Research” app.

You can deliberately earn money through “Facebook Research” app.

Are you desperate to know why and how it is possible? Are there any chances of your data getting leaked? Read more to know about it.

If, reports are to be trusted then it is heard that Facebook has started paying people secretly for installing “Facebook Research” VPN. Being desperate to know the doings of its competitors Facebook has taken this major step.

Installation of the app takes complete information of the user’s whereabouts and their mobile activities. The company has been paying around $20 per month to people between 13-35 years old for allowing them to spy on your mobile. This new app is very similar to Onavo protect app that was banned in June and finally was omitted in August.

The new app is actually rewarding the teenagers and the adults for downloading it and giving access to their phone network which is actually a violation of Apple’s Policy and the app can analyze the user’s phone activity. The sole purpose was to gather information on how the users are using their phones.

iPhone users are actually downloading it via different beta testing services like- Beta Bound, uTest, Applause rather than using Apple store or Apple’s personal TestFlight beta testing program. The services are deliberately running on Instagram, Snapchat and targeting people between 13-35 years old.

Although installation of the app is not going to harm you personally but again since it is tracking the personal information the question of security and privacy always arises in the mind of users. Downloading the apps means giving permission to Facebook to collect data of all kinds’ like- personal messages, photos, videos, emails and another web-related activity, including the location from where you are operating.

It either asks the user to download an Enterprise Development Certificate program. There is another program that even asks the user to give screenshots of the order history from Amazon. Once, the user does it by keeping the VPN running they would receive e-Gift Certificates.

As per Facebook version about running this program, they want more people to participate in this research which will help them eventually to perform better. They don’t share this information with any third party. Also, they are not violating any rule since it is solely for their internal use and not public use and the users are getting paid for such participation.

So, nothing can stop Facebook from collecting data and it is only for their betterment they are using such techniques.