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WordPress Or Magento- The Right Platform For Your E-store?

WordPress Or Magento- The Right Platform For Your E-store?

A reliable platform is essential for setting up your brand new online store. However, picking the right website development platform among many popular options is challenging. After all, you need to find the most reliable website-building platform. But which one is that? Since Magento and WordPress are highly reliable platforms, they are equally popular. Yet again, is it Magento or WordPress- what is more suitable for your e-commerce site?

Here, we will clear up all your doubts about these two e-commerce platforms.

Magento: everything you need to know

If an open-source platform is what you are searching for, Magento is the name. Released in 2008, Magento is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms that you can rely on to set up your e-commerce store. With Magento, you have complete control over the appearance of your website. It gives users sufficient flexibility. Magento is a fantastic platform for every type of online store, regardless of its size.


Following are the advantages you will find if you choose Magento:

It is SEO-friendly:

Your e-commerce website also has to secure a good position in the SERPs. With Magento, it’s not difficult. It’s SEO friendly. Magento has unique features that make it an SEO-friendly platform. The experts who provide Magento ecommerce development services will also tell you how its unique features can help your products organically reach a higher position of SERPs. Besides, you can stay worry-free about the improvement of the visibility of your website. Magento can take care of it. Making changes to the URLs of each page is also possible.

Help meet your business needs:

Various editions of Magento are available. You will get Magento community, Magento Enterprise, Magento Enterprise Premium, and Magento Go already available. All of these are custom-made to fit specific business needs. Hence, you get options to choose whichever is appropriate to meet your business needs.

You’ll find it highly scalable:

Your e-commerce store may require additional features or new pages. It is unquestionably possible to do so with Magento. Yes, by adding functionality to your e-commerce store, you can save it from falling.

Managing multiple stores is possible:

In case you have multiple stores then choosing Magento is beneficial. Since Magento is well capable of handling multiple stores using a single admin panel.


Let’s take a look at some of the Magento platform drawbacks.


While operating an e-store on the Magento platform, you may find huge maintenance costs. Furthermore, updating and adding plugins or functions may be an expensive process for your small online store.

Need for heavy server:

When we say that it is scalable on the other hand it requires a lot of resources. So heavy server is required and that makes it slow.

Installation is not easy:

Those who do not know how to handle a Magento platform may find it difficult to handle.

WordPress: in details

In the list of the names of open source platforms, WordPress is another famous name. It is the first choice of various bloggers. After all, it provides ample flexibility for consumers to create personalized websites. It is, nonetheless, a viable option for your online store. Now, before you make your decision, consider the following factors. These will assist you in comprehending the benefits and drawbacks of using WordPress.


Following are the advantages of choosing WordPress:


If you are the admin of a WordPress website, you will find editing the pages much easier. Besides, you will get a feature like drag and drop. It has brought ease to the process of editing and maintaining a page.

Useful plugins:

With WordPress, you get access to 45000 plugins. Hence, adding new features to your website is hassle-free. In fact, for each feature, there is a particular plugin available. So no knowledge of coding is required when you have such amazing plugins.

It’s also SEO-friendly:

If you’re having trouble managing Meta descriptions and tags, WordPress could be a lifesaver. The specialists in WordPress development services would also agree. WordPress teaches you a great deal about SEO optimization. You may quickly identify high-targeted keywords and phrases with the help of WordPress. As a result, make your e-pages store entirely SEO-friendly.


Below are the points that you must know to understand WordPress:

Updating is not easy:

Updates are required regularly. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, you may find that changing the core is challenging. As a result, updating your WordPress e-commerce store can be challenging.

It can be vulnerable:

WordPress is an open-source platform. Therefore, hackers may not have to put much effort to attack your e-store. So, your e-store can be a good target for hackers.

WordPress VS Magento

Now let’s take a quick look at the key differences between WordPress and Magento.

  • If ease of use is your priority, then WordPress is a better choice than Magento.
  • However, Magento is known as a better e-commerce solution provider. So, in this regard, Magento beats WordPress.
  • Furthermore, when it comes to looking for a better marketing and content management solution, WordPress is a better choice.
  • WordPress is known for providing better unpaid themes not available in Magento. To use themes, you need to buy them in Magento.
  • However, when it comes to securing a WordPress and a Magento e-commerce store, everything depends on your hosting service provider. So, for both these platforms, this is common.
  • You will get support from community forums for both these platforms.


Your e-commerce site requires a platform that is tailored to your company’s requirements. Magento and WordPress, on the other hand, are two solid solutions. However, before making a decision, make sure to weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms. After all, you’ll need to select a platform that’s specifically designed for your e-commerce store. Hence, consider what we have mentioned here. This will surely help you to make the best decision for your e-store.