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Wix vs WordPress: The Perfect Platform For Your Online Business

Wix vs WordPress: The Perfect Platform For Your Online Business

Technological advancements have made website creation a hustle-free process. However, choosing the right tool can be confusing when you get a wide variety of options to choose from. Wix and WordPress, both have become two popular names for building impactful websites. But which one is more user-friendly and the perfect platform for your business?

Let’s find the answer here in this blog.

Wix: In brief

Wix is a cloud-based website builder also known as an all-in-one package. Users with little technical knowledge can handle it as it’s user-friendly. Besides, it’s over 500 ready-made templates and easy drag-and-drop tools have simplified the website building process.

It can be an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses because Wix is relatively budget-friendly and easy to customize.

WordPress: In a nutshell

WordPress which is a popular Content Management System is a free and open-source website building platform. It has become a top pick for website building as it helps create feature-rich sites ideal to meet business requirements.

WordPress is a great choice for building large or small websites. Furthermore, it can provide ideal solutions for e-commerce to portfolio websites, as it’s a versatile CMS. For this reason, most businesses choose the WordPress CMS platform and hire a WordPress website development service provider.

Wix and WordPress: a detailed comparison

Picking the right option for website building will become easy when you understand your business needs. Below we have compared Wix and WordPress thoroughly which will help you understand your requirements, so take a quick look.


Firstly, you need to look at your cost estimation and find which one is going to fit your budget. We have provided the pricing of both of these, so keep reading on.

Wix pricing:

Wix offers a free plan, but it comes with certain drawbacks.

Firstly, you won’t be able to remove the ads appearing on the top and bottom of your site. Besides, using the custom domain name for your site is not possible. Therefore, the address that you can choose is

Moreover, you may require some important add-ons like Google Analytics and Favicons, which the free plan does not include. By only upgrading to premium plans, you can get access to some additional features.

Wix offers eight paid plans, of which four are e-commerce plans, and the other four are regular website builder plans.

  • After buying an annual premium plan for $10 – $12, you will get access to a one-year free domain name.
  • Each of the Wix premium plans offers different bandwidth limitations and different storage.
  • By buying its unlimited plan for $12.50/month, you will get various advantages.
  • Purchasing an annual Wix plan is beneficial as you will be able to save 8-30% per year.

WordPress pricing:

Downloading WordPress does not cost you an extra amount, as it’s completely free. Moreover, you will need your domain name and web hosting to install it.

Let’s take a look at how much you may need to invest if you choose WordPress:

  • For hosting providers, you may need to pay $2.95/per month.
  • For a custom domain name, you may have to pay $10/per year.
  • Make a one-time payment of $25 – $299 for getting a pre-made WordPress theme.
  • WordPress has both free and paid plugins. For each plugin, you may need to invest $0 – $70.

Winner: WordPress beats Wix as it provides more flexibility, as you can adjust your budget by picking budget-friendly hosting.


The reason behind choosing a website builder like Wix or WordPress is to find an easy way for web development. Now, let’s see which one is more user-friendly, and this will also help you conclude.


In case you are a beginner in this field, you must try Wix, which has easy-to-use tools.

Following are the benefits of choosing Wix for beginners:

  • Building your website is simple as it lets you drag and drop images, paragraphs, shopping cart buttons, etc. Besides, the need to resize anything is just a matter of a few simple clicks.
  • Its less complicated drag-and-drop interface is ideal for editing any element. In the WYSIWYG interface, it is easy to edit the elements you select.
  • It is an ideal option for beginners as there is no need to know to code.


Editing with WordPress is not as simple as with Wix, as you need to save and preview them. This will help you see how it mainly appears.

Let’s now quickly see how user-friendly WordPress is:

  • Using WordPress requires a basic knowledge of HTML, hence it’s not ideal for beginners.
  • WordPress also has some great drag-and-drop plugins, helpful for building professional-looking websites without coding.

Winner: Clearly, Wix seems more user-friendly than WordPress.

Design and layout:

The design of your site is also important. Let’s check which one is ideal for your site.


Following are the benefits of choosing Wix:

  • Selecting Wix means you get more than 900 templates to choose from.
  • It has a built-in tool that lets you modify your site’s design and layout.
  • Various kinds of templates are available, which are ideal for various businesses.


The following are some benefits of designing your site with WordPress:

  • You will get both free and paid themes to design your site. For more features, it’s better to choose premium themes.
  • For designing your site, you can choose the styling plugins of WordPress.
  • It allows you to deploy a website by giving you access to plugins like Seedprod, which is a landing page builder.

Winner: WordPress is the clear winner as it offers you a much large range of themes and design layouts.

Data probability options:

Data probability is essential to get the freedom for moving your content to another platform. Now let’s see which is useful to let you complete this task with ease.


If you choose Wix, you will certainly not get more options for moving your content to other platforms.

  • Exporting your blog is possible only in XML format. The content of your pages, images, and videos needs to be manually downloaded.
  • As Wix’s servers host your content, you cannot export it elsewhere.


With WordPress, you will find hardly any difficulty while exporting your content.

  • It has a one-click exporter that lets you download your content in XML format.
  • Self-hosted WordPress also allows you to create complete backups.
  • Choosing a new host for your site is not difficult when you work with a leading provider of WordPress website development services.


WordPress is a better option since it simplifies the process of downloading and moving your data.


Both the tools are great, but before making any decision, make sure you know your business needs. This will help you make the right choice for building a feature-rich website.