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Why you shouldn’t buy a webcam when you can use your Canon camera?

All you need is a webcam to facilitate video conferencing but why to invest further on it when you have a Canon digital camera with you. Doesn’t matter whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user. You can always reap the benefit from it.

Video conferencing without a webcam is impossible, and that is the reason why canon has revealed a service allowing you to use your camera as a webcam. Initially, they introduced this utility for Windows users,but gradually they have unlocked this facility for Mac users as well by releasing EOS Webcam Utility Beta on Apple’s macOS.

Whether you own a Rebel SL3, EOS R or M6 Mark II, you can easily connect it with your device using the USB cable. Just need to install the utility on your device to convert your camera into a webcam.

Next time when you start interacting on Zoom Skype you can always fetch a professional look using this camera. But there are things which you can’t do using your Canon camera. For instance, you cannot use the microphone of your camera during video conferencing. Indeed you need a separate microphone to smoothly continue your conversation. Your video and audio might not synchronize by half a second, but otherwise, it is a good choice. Not to forget always place the camera in a safe position that can capture your face and never rely on batteries rather choose any external power source to continue your work.