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Why is PHP Vital for Web Development?

Why is PHP Vital for Web Development?

For the past 26 years, PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, has been a popular scripting language among web developers for developing dynamic websites and making the website interact with the database flexibly.

However, over the years, the website development industries are witnessing other popular tools and programs, to develop interactive, engaging websites. But that hasn’t faded the popularity of PHP-based websites. PHP is still crucial for web development.

Some important PHP statistics to know

Before we get into why PHP is still relevant, check out some interesting data related to PHP.
In recent years, numerous companies have adopted various versions of PHP. The data below displays the percentages of PHP versions currently in use.

  • Numerous companies choose PHP to develop their website. Yes, at least 71.4% of websites are developed using version 7.
  • Version 5 is still in use for 25.4% of websites.
  • Version 8 is used to develop 3% of websites.
  • Various companies still use version 4. At least 0.2% of websites developed using this version.
  • Less than 0.1% of websites are developed using version 3 of PHP.

The current market position of PHP

Popular brands like,,, and have chosen PHP to develop their websites. Furthermore, some popular sites like, Japanpost.JP,,, and others have recently begun to use PHP.

Why is PHP so important for website development?

According to various expert PHP developers, the biggest advantage of using PHP is the ease to include features. However, there are several other advantages to using PHP. The points listed below will assist you in analyzing everything and gaining a thorough understanding.

Not at all difficult to learn:

Why not use PHP if you want something extremely simple to learn? Yes, it’s that easy to understand and considerably less difficult to use. Most importantly, a thorough understanding of website creation is not required.

Only a single PHP file is sufficient to create a webpage. In fact, given a short time frame, this is entirely possible. You’ll be surprised at how simple the syntax is. Aside from that, the command is easy to memorize and learn.

You don’t have to pay for this:

This is right. You don’t have to pay anything for an open-source programming language like PHP. Furthermore, it is hassle-free to set up, and also it can help you save money by giving you access to a variety of PHP frameworks. These are helpful to develop a great website.

It is fast:

If you want to develop a fast website then PHP should be your best choice. Why? PHP utilizes its memory that helps speed up your website.

It is safe:

When selecting a programming language, you must consider whether you are making a safe decision. However, with PHP, you can stay worry-free. PHP is considered to be safer than other programming languages. In addition, dealing with all the security issues is now also possible. You can fix bugs using numerous tools available in the market.

Compatible with databases:

To connect with any databases PHP will not cause any trouble. After all, it is compatible with any type of database. A leading PHP development company in India will always suggest selecting PHP for developing a website. After all, while selecting an appropriate database the developers do not have to think twice about the compatibility issues.

It supports various platforms:

PHP is compatible with all web browsers, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. As a result, PHP is used by the majority of businesses to construct their websites.

Easy for developers to control:

Having control over PHP is easier for developers compared to other programming languages. After all, putting the code in the right place is not a matter of concern when using PHP. Developers do not have to follow any order to arrange the functions.

The successful outcome is sure:

PHP has been around for over two decades. As a result, developers are already familiar with PHP’s advantages and disadvantages. Most significantly, there are numerous methods for resolving the issues. We have a better chance of succeeding if we know how to cope with all probable challenges. As a result, creating a successful website with PHP is simple.

Why choose PHP instead of other programming languages?

For a variety of reasons, companies prefer PHP to other programming languages. The following are the points you should be aware of to understand what we’re attempting to say.

  • Javascript is another useful programming language. However, PHP is easy to learn and handle. However, this is not the same with Javascript. Javascript is appropriate for full-stack development.
  • When comparing PHP to Python, PHP will provide you with more benefits. PHP is compatible with all types of databases. However, Python is not. As a result, using PHP can be advantageous.
  • When we compare Ruby to PHP, another open-source language, we can observe that the latter is preferable. In fact, unlike PHP, its syntax is not all that simple to grasp. After all, PHP is simple to learn and use.


In today’s digital age, most businesses require a compelling website as a basic requirement. As a result, when it comes to choosing the finest programming language,PHP is ideal. It is the most preferred programming language, even though various alternative programming languages are available for website development.

So, if you want a powerful website, you can always get it developed with PHP. But make sure you connect with the PHP developers of the best PHP development company in India, like Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd, to get project delivery on time within your budget.