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Why is PHP Vital for Web Development?

Nowadays, any kind of business needs to have a digital presence to establish its brand identity. With the help of social media, you can easily draw the attention of your targeted consumers, but it is almost impossible to establish brand credibility without a business website. This is the reason why most of the companies these days are hiring web development companies to develop the best-designed website that would help in the growth of their business.

Among the various technologies available for website development, PHP is the best choice of Web developers for developing a website.
To find out why web developers prefer to use PHP for creating a website, let us focus on the role of PHP in website development.

Role of PHP in Website Development

PHP is fundamentally a server-side scripting language that has been in use for more than 25 years and tends to raise some strong opinions among developers today.

Being a general-purpose scripting language, PHP is used for developing both dynamic and interactive websites.PHP was the first among server-side languages, which can be placed in HTML. Thus, making it easier to add functionality to web pages without requiring external files for data.

The use of PHP has magnified over the years because of continuous up-gradation and the addition of new features. Below are the advantages of using PHP for website development-

1) It is very easy to use
It is very simple to get started with PHP. People can simply create a web page with a single PHP file in a short period without having extensive knowledge and many years of experience in website development. There are fewer barriers in the case of PHP than other languages as the syntax is simple and the command functions are easy to understand and learn.

2) PHP is open source
PHP can be installed very easily and at zero cost. People have open access to a variety of PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symphony. As PHP is open source, the components of the language are free to use.

3) PHP is versatile
PHP is platform-independent and it can be used without any trouble on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and other web browsers. This is a great feature, and it can save time for developers.

4) It is fast and Secure
More or less, every organization wants its website to be fast and secure. PHP competes well on speed as it uses its memory. PHP is also more secure than other programming languages. Due to the widespread use of PHP and community support, there are many frameworks, tools, and practices for fixing vulnerabilities and protecting against cyber attacks.

5) PHP is well connected with databases
With PHP, you can easily connect securely with any kind of database. This provides web developers the freedom to choose databases as per their requirements.

6) It is tested and proven
The abilities and functionality of PHP have been tested and proven since millions of people have been using websites created with PHP. Also, over time there comes up many frameworks and tools to make PHP website development much more secure and effective.

7) Supportive community
PHP has a vast community of web developers who constantly update the forum with news and benefits. It is a very reliable source of information on PHP. So the community is always there to help you if you get stuck.

Final Thoughts,
Since PHP is a server-side scripting language, it offers the option of running on a web server. It is secure, fast, and reliable and that is why most web developers prefer to create a website with PHP. A business website created with PHP is more dynamic and easy to use, irrespective of the industry they are serving.

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