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Why Hiring An SEO Company Is Crucial For Web Design & Development?

Why Hiring An SEO Company Is Crucial For Web Design & Development?

Why do you need SEO for your website?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is a crucial ingredient of your website design and development that enhances the visibility, boosts your engagement, and increases your rankings in the search results by implementing some of the important tools and techniques moduled for such purposes. It is the foundation of your brand and business online that will surge up the sales and generate revenue. You as a designer or an aspiring entrepreneur should make your websites SEO friendly for an easy deliverable to your target audience and clients.

What are the key phases or areas of web development and design to implement SEO?

Sewing SEO in all the phases of your web design and development projects will outline your online incorporation and support the structure of your website ensuring discoverability by Google and other search engines.

1. To include SEO during the website discovery and design phase-

Keyword Research and Study
Insertion of keywords in your digital content displayed in your website including the products and services will help your audience to search for you with ease. You need to conduct proper research and analytical study on your target keywords and ensure they are correct as will pave the way for generating leads and conversions.

Informational Architecture
After the thorough keyword research, you need to focus on the information and insights that were collected which can be used to lay the foundation of your content and determine the interrelationship between the digital contents in your website with SEO, UX (user experience), UI (user interface) and the strategy to implement those.

URL Structure Recommendations
After this, you need to link your structures to the search engines to find your content on your website to make it more crawlable.

Website Wireframe And Design
The website wireframe and design should be looked into by an SEO expert so that all the digital contents in your website are enough, even if they are small details like scrolling, animations, parallax, etc with a seamless user experience.

2. To include SEO in website content phase-

Content Optimization
Your keyword research will help you optimize your website with the right keyword, metadata, and target keywords which will mould your website.

Image Optimization
The images of your products and services also need to be optimized by tagging them, providing a detailed description, moderate file sizes, and include alt tags in them.

Rich Snippets or Schema Recommendations
An SEO expert has the right eye to make recommendations while reviewing your website content for enriched snippets and schema that will boost up your search engine results, allow you to add code to your structured data, and then identify what type of content it is.

3. To Include SEO in the website development phase-

Analytics and Search Engine Tools
You can utilize different tools to track the performance of your website after it is launched, get insights, analytics of your contents, SEO tools that need to be set up accordingly, and what type of code needs to be implemented in your brand and business website.

Keyword Map
Mapping your target keywords is required to specific pages of your website which will help you identify the content gaps and give you ideas about how to go about with the project.

Website Crawl
After you are done with your content on the website and all are implemented, crawl your website to identify any missing meta descriptions, titles. Links that are broken and fix it all before it is live.

301 Redirects
301 redirects are crucial for any existing website that will map every page of your existing web page with the current web page. It is important for UX and while any user is browsing through your website and displays a ‘Page Not Found’ error.

Site Performance
Site performance like page loading time must be tested as it is crucial to generate leads and conversions.

robots.txt File
The robots.txt is implemented as it will help you to provide instructions to the web robots by blocking any pages that should not be crawled.

XML Sitemap
The XML sitemap is important as it indicates your web pages have high quality and should be indexed which influences your search results.

The measurement report will help you to analyze the baseline of your current website and run a keyword ranking report for the best results to implement them for a better output.

4. To include SEO in the post-launch phase-

After your website is launched you can check all your data and website contents for the most optimized results. After all, in this technical field where you need to weave SEO into your web development and designing project, hiring an SEO agency would not be so bad after all. There are a lot of advantages, hiring web development services to build your brand and business online.

Some of them are-

Mobile Responsiveness
In today’s world, where everything is at our fingertips and is just a click away, why not visit any website that can be the same? SEO ensures that your website is mobile-friendly so that your user can enjoy a seamless experience in the palm of their hands. Google also acknowledged this factor back in 2015, where Google considers and ranks websites with top search results on the basis of whether the website is mobile responsive or not. SEO influences this mobile responsiveness and blends the website structure so that it can fit in any screen not only mobile but also desktops, tablets, and so on. This feature will pique the interest of your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

Website Speed
The loading time of any website should be less than 10 seconds whereas Google recommends less than 5 seconds but is best if you can keep it under 3 seconds. Website speed plays a major role in the rankings by search engines where the SEO looks into this factor and helps in managing the website by eliminating all possible factors that can reduce the website’s speed. It also ensures a smooth landing on your website and switching to different pages of your website hassle-free. Hiring an SEO agency or web development services will help you to efficiently and effectively present your brand and business online where SEO tools help imprint your digital footprints online.

Website Developer
The application of website developer along with SEO works simultaneously for the smooth application and proper management of your website’s written content, insertion of keywords, and other interactions that influence the user’s mind, enhance the website’s functionality, and contribute to the user-friendliness of the website. Website development is not a separable aspect of website building but rather adjacent to the process. Hiring a professional SEO company in India will only boost up this process and will focus on the business rather than all the technicalities.

User Navigation
Seamless user navigation is an important part while building any website. User navigation is the seamless flow of your website’s contents with prominent features and display of important navigational and scrolling buttons, and call-to-action buttons displayed in the headers along with your brand’s logo. This makes the browsing journey of every user and audience immensely satisfying which increases the engagement rate, drives more traffic, and therefore boosts up lead generation and conversions.

Content Readability
The digital content that you put up in your brand and business website is the ultimate point of the web design and development procedure. With the infusion of SEO to influence our content’s readability which will increase our audience and boost our rankings in the search engine too. Hiring an SEO company in India like Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd will not only influence your website’s visibility but also proper management of all digital content so that it is clear to the audience what you are offering the market.