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Why use PHP Web Development Services?

PHP, a server-side scripting language is the most preferred programming language because of its excellent compatibility with different technologies, making the development of dynamic languages easier. Apart from supporting frameworks like Codelgniter and CakePHP, it also supports databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SYBASE, thereby helping businesses in the development of a function-rich, premium quality website.

From social networking sites to CRM, CMS and web-based stores and portals, PHP applications have been successful in maintaining its glory by catering to the needs of the businesses successfully.

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Benefits of Choosing PHP Development Services.
  • Ideal for building dynamic websites It is ideal for creating highly functional and dynamic websites.
  • Best Suited for all Operating Systems Being an independent platform it is compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS.
  • Works Efficiently It works efficiently with other web browsers and can be integrated with any server too.
  • Faster Data Processing Data processing speed is much faster and the development of web applications like CRM, CMS, E-Commerce is quite easy.
  • Easily to integrate with existing web applications It can be easily integrated with the web applications already used by a business.
  • Cost-effective Being an Open-source being doesn’t need to invest further on upgradation, reducing the development cost.
  • Highly secured By working seamlessly with several platforms and OS, PHP offers a secured and stable user interface.
The Best PHP Development Company in India

Delve deeper into our awesome PHP web development services

PHP web development

We create tailor-made web development tools according to your unique business needs.

PHP-based CMS development

Our cutting-edge PHP-based CMS development technology aligns with your business strategy.

E-Commerce development

We have years of rich experience in developing feature-rich and high-functioning online marketplaces based on PHP services.

PHP/MySQL development

We provide efficient PHP/MySQL development for your database website that is designed to be high -performance yet low maintenance.

Custom PHP development

Your website will be customized according to your needs. The website will be packed with beneficial features that completely align with your business ideals.

Web portal and application development

Our web applications are responsive and we create cross-platform web applications to help your business in reaching a wider range of audience.

Portal development solutions

We provide the most comprehensive solutions for your internal business portal and web portal according to your needsfeatures that completely align with your business ideals.

Development of Social Networking websites

We offer an efficacious PHP-powered communication platform to help in enhancing your business to new reaching a wider range of audience.

The Technologies We Rely On

Being the leading PHP development company in India, we leverage the power of the following technologies to offer the best solutions

01. CSS3
02. Javascript
03. BootStrap 4
04. Angular
05. Jquery
06. Laravel
07. Lamp Stack
08. Codeigniter
The Best PHP Development Company in India

What makes us the best choice?

If you are looking for custom PHP development services in India then Esolz Technologies is the best choice for you. With over 15 years of experience in this realm, we are the best PHP Development Company in India, seasoned with highly experienced managers, expert PHP developers to deliver the best goal-oriented solutions.

Whether you are looking for simple PHP web development services or looking for high-end domain-oriented solutions, we are here to help you out. Our expert PHP developers use agile methodology to meet the diverse needs of your organization. Hire us for our unmatchable PHP development services and separate your business from the on-going competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PHP is very good for building enterprise applications. The reasons are listed below:

  • Flexibility for making changes and building apps of varying complexity.
  • Huge libraries and packages for easily integrating with other different platforms.
  • Code reusability ensures less coding and hence less time required. Helps in lowering development cost.
  • Accurate project deliverables due to the unique customization ability of the PHP development technology.
  • Highly secure and provides data protection from hackers.

Since PHP is a backend language used for scripting, PHP scripts are written on a server that is then interacted upon by frontend, or client-side code. PHP can be used for many things ranging from fully-functional SaaS applications to custom content management systems. It can also be used for developing software by integrating with other programming languages such as C# and Python.

Yes, you will be able to use PHP for developing large-scale projects. PHP helped in the development of large websites and apps. Since PHP does not require huge system resources, the development of large-scale and complex projects. You can contact our development team for further details.

Since PHP is an adaptable, flexible, strong, and scalable programming language, it helps in managing and creating advanced software and apps without worrying about the development cost. PHP frameworks have developed a lot over the years and now PHP can be used for creating enterprise-standard eCommerce websites and web apps. For additional details, talk to our experts and get a free consultation session today.