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Web Development Trends to Gain Momentum in 2019

Web Development Trends to Gain Momentum in 2019

So, what’s the new web development trend for 2019? There are plenty! With minimalism continues to hold the ground, the web developers will still be crafting websites that are unique, informative and usable. For 2019, the field of website development is anticipated to witness an eclectic succession of a few ingredients like grids, stock images, vibrant illustrations, bold color palettes, etc. that have always been the chart-toppers of the reputed website development companies. These apart, the forthcoming year will also be determined to explore some of these following trends. Have a look –

Monochrome will gain momentum:-

A color palette plays a very crucial role in adding to a website’s aesthetics. Besides beautifying a website, the right hues can also work wonders in setting the mood of the audiences. As the popularity of bright and peppy colors has waned exponentially, one should opt for a monochromatic color palette for his/her website. The color palette that you choose for your website will predominantly depend on the nature of your business or the type of your products. For an example, using the hue of Black, you can make a very assertive statement for your brand. While on the other hand, with any shade of white, you can include subtlety to your website.

Explore glitch art, albeit, sans making any glitch:-

Glitch arts have grabbed the attention of discerning eyes, finding their own space in the field of web development, along with the traditional ingredients. When applied impeccably, the incredible effects of glitch will ensure that your website will look absolutely fabulous, no matter what your business type is. It’s mainly the psychedelic effects of glitch arts that can contribute to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your website.

Video contents will be the chart-topper:-

The video contents are particularly appealing at this time of the year, as most of the audiences prefer them over the traditional web contents. There is seldom anyone who loves reading long paragraphs or too many texts. This is why you can use video contents to help your visitors discover the nitty-gritty of your brand/services/products with ease.

Finger-friendly navigation is a necessity:-

In today’s mobile era, it’s important to have a website that is as easy as a pie when it comes to navigating it. If it takes a lot of time and efforts for the audiences to navigate different sections of a website, they will abandon it instantly. According to the best of web development companies, even the most aesthetically-appealing and feature-rich website will fall flat if it’s not easy to navigate. Hence, while developing your website, make sure to ask the experts to make it as navigation-friendly as possible.

Pay attention to push notifications:-

Push notifications are one such web development trend that can turn the visits into leads and eventually into sales or can even turn drastic ending up losing all your customers if misused. Such is the impact of push notifications on its users. Understanding the user behavior before indulging in this trend is extremely crucial and can certainly go a long way in sustaining a business.

3D effects will stay in vogue:-

The application of shadow effects and 3D views have earned a lot of appreciations over the past few years. This popularity will even soar by leaps and bounds in the upcoming year. Both the shadow as well as 3D effects provide a real-time notion of the website. Also, they are extremely easy to load. The use of different techniques to 3D shadows and views will make them appear more appealing in the year 2019.

Vouch for great typography:-

There is no doubt in the fact that the importance of typography is paramount in regards to amplifying the aesthetics of a website. Adorned with the great typography, a website appears a way more appealing than a simplistic website. When illustrations, animations, and adaptability are included, the efficacy of typography goes even a notch higher.

Single-page website design:-

Gone are those days when websites used to be crafted with each topic having its own individual page. For many websites, this trend might make some sense, but when it comes to delighting the audiences, nothing can surpass the single-page websites. With a discernible rise in mobile browsing, most of the modern websites are adopting this new trend because this way the audiences can easily scroll through a site’s different sections.

The final note:-

Wondering what should an ideal modern website look and feel like in the age of smartphones, social media, and hashtags? The answers to your inquisition are lying in the above-mentioned blog. Among these aforementioned web development trends claiming to fame in 2019, you can pick a trend which will suit your business perspective and requisites.