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Twitter soon to roll out another striking feature

Twitter soon to roll out another striking feature

Twitter’s upcoming feature will surely bowl you a Googly. Be prepared for it.

If you don’t want others to view your reply on Twitter then surely you can do so with its new upcoming feature. What’s that? Well, I am talking about Twitter’s “hide- replies” feature.

Although still it in in an experimental stage rolling out in Canada initially, once it is successful will be released to other countries as well.

So what’s the purpose of it? You can easily hide any reply given by you on other’s Tweets. Don’t worry much because hiding replies will never block the user, rather your message will be concealing behind another extra page.

What if others want to view the original tweet? Of course, they can do so by tapping the small sign in the top right corner of the message and check the replies that were hidden.

This feature is currently under trial since Twitter believes that blocking or muting any tweet might not be the only solution to stop spamming or prevent others from looking at unacceptable tweets.

Earlier also various times Twitter received complaints about not handling problematic tweets very effectively. This is the only reason why the company is looking forward to changing some of its rules and the updates will take some time to fall into place.
With this hiding, replies feature you will definitely have more control on your tweets. Still, the company is looking forward to preventing abusing messages from getting reflected on timelines.

Once everything turns out to be perfectly well in Canada you can enjoy it worldwide.