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Roll these Tricks up your sleeve to make your iOS app perform better

Roll these Tricks up your sleeve to make your iOS app perform better

The iOS hardware is well calibrated to support all types of apps and their intensive and complex tasks. But the device can still face issues regarding performance and become unresponsive if your app is not optimized for high performance. In this blog by the top iOS app development company in India – Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd, we will be looking at some tips and tricks to make your iOS app perform at an optimum level on all types of iOS devices.

Tips and Tricks for the seamless performance of your iOS app

You have to provide a good performance of your apps to users because they expect it from you and for that, you need to optimize your app using the following tricks:

1. Outline the objective of your app

You can easily get distracted from the original plan while developing an iOS app. As the process of ideation progresses, you will get new ideas and possibilities for your app. This can result in you losing focus. Therefore, the number one step of developing an iOS app is to define the main purpose of the app that you want to meet.

As the following questions to yourself:

  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • Is it for entertainment purposes?
  • Is it for providing information?
  • Is it for ease of shopping online?

When you can answer these questions and note them down, proceed in the direction of these answers and you will be keeping your focus intact during the process of developing your iOS app.

2. Study and understand your target audience

Many a time, developers fail to study and comprehend the target audience and this leads to disaster. You need to have a clearly defined target audience that you will serve your apps to, keep an end-user in mind and then develop your app. To do this, you need to grasp general knowledge of your target audience – their needs and preferences, demographics, etc.

The demographics should be including their median age, gender, economic condition, relationship status, etc.
The secondary market research will help you in determining the payment mode they prefer, their preference of scrolling over swiping, or vice versa, etc.

If you are targeting millennials then consider their preferences and then only formulate the idea of your app. According to research, millennials are more likely to pay for apps than their counterparts. Therefore, if you have a clear end-user in mind, then you will be tailoring your app to their needs and preferences.

3. Jot down the perfect layout of the content

Your end-users will not see the code behind your app, but they will see the content on your app screen. When you are developing an iOS app, you need to pay special attention to how your content is being displayed on the app screen.
According to Apple’s basic guidelines, your content must fit the screen properly. Users should never feel the need to swipe left or right for seeing the content. Since not everything fits the screen on one page, you need to formulate a fluid design that will help in easy navigation between pages.

Make the design fluid and interactive. Try to eliminate competition between the images and text for attention. Make use of dark fonts to make it easier to read.

4. Maintain an interactive project directory
If you are developing an app for the market, there will be other coders and developers who will be collaborating with you for different purposes – debugging and maintaining your code. Therefore, you need to have an interactive project directory.

In this way, you will be helping other coders understand your process and keep them from making messy edits to your code. This will also help in reducing bugs and issues caused due to redundant classes existing within the code.
Additionally, it will help you in the long run as well by helping you in keeping track of the complex code and make sure everything has been taken care of.

5. Build an Apple ID code for your app

Just imagine: you have completed all the necessary developments on the app, but you are oblivious of the fact that your app doesn’t have the necessary paperwork for successfully releasing it on the App Store. Therefore, you should get an Apple ID code for your app even during its early stages of development. You don’t need to pay anything for getting an Apple ID code but you have to shell out 100 bucks for hosting on the App Store. The fee is billed annually.

The Apple ID code will help you in registering the app on the App Store and help you in maintaining it. As soon as the app is ready, you will be able to launch it as its owner.

6. Smoothen the web and app interactions

In most cases, the apps need internet connectivity to provide added benefits and that is why you are required to smoothen the interaction between the app and the website for the case of an eCommerce website. The customers need to be able to log in to their accounts using the same ID on both the website and the app.

For instance, a customer adds many items to their cart on the website and they should be able to buy them from the app. Thus, develop your app in such a way that the interactions between the website and the app are smooth and streamlined.

7. Make your app compatible with all iOS versions

All of Apple’s systems are being upgraded constantly. Some people may still be using an old iPhone while other customers are using the latest models. Thus, there are many versions of iOS being used at a given time. For increasing the reach of your app and ensuring maximum downloads, your app must work with the current versions of iOS being used.

This is crucial for allowing users to download apps that are compatible with the latest versions of iOS. You can also look at the possibilities of making the app compatible with Android devices for ensuring the maximum reach of the app.

8. Make your app agile, fast, and flexible

Do you know the ‘why’ behind some apps being more popular than others?

One of the plenty reasons is the way of the functioning of these apps. iPhone users want their apps to function properly devoid of any glitches. Therefore, your app needs to be fast, flexible, and agile.

Make sure users can seamlessly and quickly navigate through pages. In case your app fails to meet the expected standards, users will be one step ahead in deleting the app from their phones and substitute your app for something superior.

9. Don’t forget to A/B test your app

Do not and I repeat DO NOT launch your app on the App Store before testing it in the first place! Testing the app helps in identifying annoying issues and fixing them. A/B testing is a great way of testing an app where you release two different versions of the app for two different target audiences. This will help you in identifying the version that hits the right parameters of success according to you. Do not leave any bugs unaddressed as this may result in the app crashing while it is being used.


These are the best tricks that you need to roll up your sleeve for making your iOS app perform better. If your app performs better, using our tricks and tips, do take assistance from us for developing an iOS app for you.

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