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Top Rated Frameworks for Web Development

Top Rated Frameworks for Web Development

For starting with a new venture or going ahead with an idea, the primary requirement is a rulebook that is required for designing a skeleton for the functioning of the idea. The same applies to the web world and a framework is needed for proper functioning. This blog will help in shedding light on the top-rated web development frameworks that you need to use.

Web development frameworks offer a wide array of tools and mechanisms needed for web designing. They also help web designers with website management. Keep the following in mind when selecting the correct framework for your application from the best web development company in India.


The primary thing worth consideration is why you need a framework. Whether you need for making your website look great or you need defined functions such as differentiating underlying logic and UI. Getting a fixed purpose can help in making the selection easier.


The next thing that you have to keep in mind is the type of license being used by the framework. In this way, you will be avoiding using licenses that have shortcomings like not being distributed commercially. For avoiding such shortcomings, ensure that you read the licensing details of the framework minutely.


It all boils down to the one big thing – the budget that you have allocated for hosting the application. If you cannot afford personal hosting then there is no point in breaking the bank and settling in for shared hosting is the way to go.

Top-rated Web Development Frameworks

Given below is the list of the top-rated web development frameworks for developing websites and applications:

1. Express
The first spot is reserved for the framework Express because it offers a lot of features and flexibility in usage. When asking for web development services from the best web development company ask if they provide the most comprehensive NodeJS development services in India. In this way, you can rest assured that the framework will use the most popular programming language for web development frameworks.

The main feature that you can tap into is the budget-friendly nature of the web development framework Express. Express is used for developing websites and applications by major players like IBM, Uber, Accenture, and many other businesses due to the agility and the huge array of its features which has been adapted to the new frameworks also. Express runs on Node.JS/JavaScript that can be used for building APIs as well.

2. ReactJS
React is a JavaScript-based client that is renowned for its rich UI and flexible features that also makes it SEO-friendly in the market. React is not a web development framework but the client’s user interface is so rich that it can be considered one of the top-rated web development frameworks in this list.

3. AngularJS
Angular has two different web development frameworks used for building websites and applications and the audience is divided between them. AngularJS is very user-friendly as it is developed by Google. Furthermore, it provides web developers with pre-designed templates that can be used for web design. AngularJS is associated with another web development framework of the same name that we will talk about later on in this blog. Therefore, always ask your web developer for AngularJS development in India.

4. Django
Django is the web development framework that comes equipped with a hallmark of safety. Cybersecurity is the most important factor that has been taken care of by Django. It is written in Python and is world-renowned for its scalability and dynamic nature. Django’s main feature is the batteries-included framework that helps in building huge applications at a quick speed. Since Django is written in Python, it works seamlessly within the Python ecosystem.

5. Vue.JS
Vue.JS is a JavaScript-based web development framework developed in 2014. It is a combination of the two frameworks – AngularJS and ReactJS. The organic growth of the amalgamated web development framework provides a community-powered web framework and has thus landed itself on this list.

Vue.JS helps in working as an alternative to both ReactJS and AngularJS. It is best-suited for dynamic projects and single-page applications due to the lightweight nature of Vue. It is filled with highly flexible features and this makes integrating third-party solutions very easy.

6. Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails or RoR is popular for its open-source that is used for building backend web applications and websites. Ruby runs on Ruby – a programming language developed by the same organization as Ruby (pfft! No brainer) and is known for its agility and high speed in offering solutions to web developers.

Ruby runs on the Rails framework which is an MVC framework or a model-view-controller framework. Airbnb, Shopify, and Hulu – all use the Ruby on Rails web development framework for developing their applications. Contrary to popular belief that the RoR is a beginner-friendly web development framework is not true, and first-timers can expect a steep learning curve when developing web applications using RoR.

7. Spring
Spring is written in Java and is an MVC framework well-known for its featherweight nature. This web development framework is best suited for developing powerful enterprise-level applications. Wix, Ticketmaster, and BillGuard – all of them use Spring for developing their applications. This web development framework comes equipped with several similar projects that help in boosting performance. Since it is written in Java, it will always be in constant demand as it is subjected to regular up-gradation.

8. Angular
This is the other web development framework that we were talking about in the AngularJS section of the list of the top-rated web development frameworks. Angular is a front-end framework that is used for building rich single-page applications.

Angular is best suited for developing mobile web applications, native mobile applications, and native desktop applications. It also helps in crafting cross-platform solutions for offering enhanced speed. Google, Microsoft, and PayPal are the primary users and speak for the trustworthiness of the web development framework.

9. Laravel
Laravel is written on one of the most powerful languages – PHP and is another open-source web development framework used for developing backend websites and applications. It is based on the MVC model and is known for its beginner-friendly architecture.

The syntax and various packages help in further expanding the API support. Laracasts – a screencast tutorial is used for learning Laravel, PHP, and other technologies by offering loads of tutorials.

10. Ember
And to wrap it up, the list for the top-rated web development frameworks ends with this open-source front-end web development framework called Ember. Not only used for creating web solutions but for mobile and desktop applications, it is also used for building modern UIs.

The most awaited feature of this front-end web development framework is the testing program that is generated for each new entry. Back in 2015, it was considered by many as the best JavaScript framework. The community-driven approach allows for the dynamic nature of the framework and helps in rolling out new releases regularly.

Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and Heroku are the main users of this web development framework. This product is best suited for eliminating non-productive features from the applications if the web developer can identify the non-productive activities.


All of the web development frameworks mentioned in this list are capable of providing all types of features required by web developers for building their websites and applications. Furthermore, new and crispier versions are rolled out regularly and make the interface very user-friendly.