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Top 7 Responsive Web Design Ideas to Boost Results

Top 7 Responsive Web Design Ideas to Boost Results

Your website helps in radiating your first impression properly. That is why; you need to ensure that your website gives out a positive first impression for keeping your leads engrossed on your website. In this article by the top responsive web design company in India, we will learn about the top 7 ideas of website design to ensure maximum results.

Top 7 ideas for website design

While designing your website, you may not be aware of all the elements that need to be included on your website. That is why; Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd is here to help you out with these 7 ideas.

Let’s get cracking without much ado!

1. Responsive website
A responsive website is the most crucial element of a website design. Your audience will be accessing your website via different types of devices – desktop, mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, etc., therefore, you are required to make sure that each type of user gets a great and seamless user experience on your website.

You don’t want to annoy your visitors by making them pinch or zoom in to read while viewing your desktop website on their mobile devices.

By using responsive website design, you will be providing your audience with a positive first impression of your website. Your website responds to all screen sizes and fits any dimension to allow smooth access through different devices. This is a great way of ensuring that all visitors get the optimal user experience as offered by some of the best UI/UX companies in India.

This will help you in gaining maximal leads and hence boost conversions on your website.

2. User experience
As expressed already, you have to provide your audience with a positive user experience. While designing your website, you need to keep user experience on the top of your mind to ensure higher leads on your page.

If your leads do not like being on your website, they will be gone forever and never come back. Hence, you will be missing out on leads for your business. For combating this situation, you need to start investing in improving your website’s user experience.

You must ensure that your page speed is high. You also need to check your webpage has easy navigation, giving a seamless user experience to the web visitors.

To make things easier, you can always connect with the best UI/UX company in India. They will help you in designing a website that is easy to navigate through and loads very fast. Thus, you will be driving more leads and boosting conversions for your business through your website.

3. Your design must reflect your business
While designing your website, you need to keep the nature of your business in mind so that it reflects on your website. It is of utmost importance to create a design that tailors itself to your business so that people recognize it immediately. This helps in building brand recognition, hence, your leads will remember your website and your business.

If your business sports a unique color scheme, use it on your website’s design. This helps in building consistency between your website and your business.

If you are adamant about creating a website that helps in building brand recognition of your business, you need to select a design that helps in reflects your business. In this way, you will be helping your audience remember you better.

4. Select the right font
Along with choosing the correct design, you need to choose the right font to make sure you provide a good user experience to your visitors.

Start by choosing a font that is easily readable by your audience. Try staying away from the artsy fonts, these fonts result in providing poor readability to readers. You are required to select a font that can be easily read while it is both small and large.

Try staying away from cursive fonts, as this can cause challenges to your readers while reading. But, this does not necessarily imply that you have to go for plain text, you can still engage your audience with fonts that are readable and help in adding a wee bit of character to your website.

By selecting the right font for your website, you will be helping users get a better experience on your webpage.

5. Play with visual elements
Visual elements like product images, advertorials, photos of employees, or other relevant images can help in engaging your target audience. Images are the best visual elements that are used so frequently by the top responsive web design company in India, that they have become the staple for most websites.

Many businesses have started using infographics for visual elements. One such example is the website of the YouTube channel, The Infographics Show. They have a stunning layout filled with infographics that tell visitors about the website and the channel.

But the best visual element that you can use is video. These are a great way of engaging the audience, the video ranks at the top of the visual elements providing the highest level of user engagement. Users are 10x more likely to interact with a video on your website than a block of text. Add a video to your page and get the audience invested in you and your products.

Visual elements help in breaking up the text into readable bits for your users and helps them in digesting the information easier.

6. Include elements for helping leads in connecting
Often, visitors will enter your website and check your information and then decide to hear more from you and your business, but without elements that help them in connecting with you, how will they contact you?

One of the options is to include email sign-up bars that help users in entering their email addresses for receiving updates and staying connected with your business. In this way, you will be capturing leads very easily and gradually push them towards conversion.

Another great option is to integrate social media buttons. Most of your visitors have social media accounts that they use for connecting to their friends, family members, and businesses. This is a great chance of building a direct relationship with your leads.

If these leads like what they see, they will be more than eager to connect with you on social media platforms. In this way, you will be capturing leads and gradually pushing them towards conversion.

7. Add CTA buttons
While designing your website, you need to make sure that you have added call-to-action buttons or CTA buttons for guiding users to the next step.

When people visit your website and like what they see, they want to connect with you and then take the next step, your CTA buttons will help them in taking that decisive step that has the potential to make or break the deal.
CTA buttons are great tools that help in telling your audience about the way they would proceed to the next step. These CTA buttons help in guiding your target audience towards converting.

Ensure that your CTA buttons contrast in the noise of all the visual elements and catch the attention of the audience. Make sure your buttons are visible to the audience so that they can move towards the next step.


Esolz Technologies Pvt Ltd is the top responsive web design company based in India that provides responsive web design services to clients from all around the world. The design of your website is an integral part of your business. It helps in setting the right tone and helps in building a good first impression along with fostering brand recognition.

We offer all types of web design services from UI/UX design to responsive web design. Our cherry-picked team of web designers is more than happy to help you in creating a customized website that is responsive and works best for your business.