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“Being at par with the most creative and impressionable digital marketing strategies and trends will make your business boon online.”

What are digital marketing trends?

Digital marketing trends help in making a calculated and strategic move that you need to make while marketing any product or services online following the latest tools, techniques, trends, and lingo. This helps in targeting your business and brand’s audience on a global level with the help of the internet and makes them aware of your enterprise’s presence in the market. Simply, it increases user engagement by driving more traffic to your website and therefore increases your profitability in the long run.

You can ask for assistance by hiring digital marketing experts and getting started for the coming year. Digital marketing services in India will help you straighten out the simplest solutions that will be equivalent to your brand and business vision which showcases your products and services offered online and go global to create more audience engagement, drive traffic and yield high profits in the long run.

Some of the important digital marketing trends which as an entrepreneur you should know about for 2023 can be stated as follows-

1. Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is the easiest way to make an impression on your web visitors and potential customers. Customized marketing techniques imply personalizing content, search results, online products and services, emails, messages, offers, discounts and so much more. This creates an impression among the users that the enterprise takes care of every single client and potential customer and thus it increases the value of your organization.

Personalized marketing is done in multiple ways like-

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the direct channel of digital marketing. It is one of the most personalized and direct marketing and promotional tools used to generate leads and retain customers easily. It helps to direct the user’s attention and make your website more interactive and engaging by showing you value your clients and potential customers by emailing personalized offers, discounts, products, and services. It also helps to target a nucleated audience at one go.

  • SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a very traditional marketing technique though it is still in use and shows a lot of potential in future online marketing too. Users and potential clients still feel nostalgic yet check their text messages for further information and notifications like emails. It adds a personal touch, deadlines, or emergency in all the messages.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are used so that your users can easily indulge with your enterprise in auditory or in textual form through chats, therefore, providing 24×7 customer service too. They are Artificial Intelligence or AI that makes your website more interactive for all the web visitors and users by providing them assistance while browsing your web page and directing them to their desired products and services, therefore, providing a seamless user experience.

  • Browser Push Notifications

Browser push notifications are usually triggered when a user or a web visitor visits a site or a page on a repetitive form and then it gets alerts whether or not the user is allowed to show notifications related to the user’s search result. They do not generate any lead nor help in earning revenue, it only helps to know about the user’s engagement.

  • Pop-Ups

Personalized Pop-Ups are a great way to indulge your audience immediately with your brand and business. They are small icons or ads that pop up while visiting a web page. It is a very effective way to trigger the audience to take action or visit your website or even checkout your products and services.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads are the most effective, rural, imposing, effective, and verified way of digital marketing trends for a long time. It uses both paid and organic ways of showing results while any search on the network by the user. Both SEO and SEM are used to make the websites rank higher in the search engine results but it is also not easy to get indexed by Google easily. They are completely independent but also take a lot of time and effort.

Each of these has its own hinged strategy that is useful in the different sectors of the market.

2. Utility of AI in Marketing

The worldwide use of Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI is now the most used tool to conduct marketing your business and brand online. AI integrates your online environment by tuning your search results, showing advertisements related to your search history, marketing personalized ads and offers while collecting all the relevant data and information, and creating a profile of each user. It only helps strategic marketing and auto-tunes your digital marketing on every digital and social media platform, but also makes it more engaging and helps your website drive traffic and therefore generate leads. AI automatically collects all human behavior online, access the browsing pattern, mix products, and services with simple penetrated marketing, consider the actions taken, calibrate the search results accordingly, benchmark your choices and then simply market your products and services that overlap the user’s wants. Like chatbots are used for a more engaging and conversational approach to retain the users. Most of the digital marketing services in India use AI for optimized digital marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing

With the edge of the internet in the palm of our hands, social media are a huge scope and give a global platform to showcase your products and services online and market them digitally. That is where social media marketing enters into the frame. Popular and trendiest social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are gaining popularity day by day. Here, you can channelize this wide platform into introducing your enterprise and creating a social presence of your brand and business. This digital marketing makes your enterprise more accessible and easier to reach your targeted audience. Social media marketing will help you to reach new milestones and generate fluid income easily. You can leverage social media and post digitally indulging posts, contents, blogs, gifs, infographics and so much more. It is a very cost-effective method of digital marketing, saves a lot of time, increases traffic to your site and page, creates brand value and awareness, connects you with current customers and trends.

Some of the common methods to channelize social media marketing is-

  • Instagram Reels
  • Youtube Shorts
  • Influencer Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Social Media Stories (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter)

4. Geofencing or Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing or commonly known as geofencing digital marketing is a software approach where enterprises collect the geographical data of the users and show desired results accordingly. This type of software uses the GPS locations, cellular data network by pinging the nearest tower, Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and therefore takes an action based on these data. When any mobile device takes an entry or exit from any geographic boundary, this process is called geo-fence. That is where the term has been derived from. This way you can market your products and services according to the nearest availability as per the user’s convenience or location.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most enhanced way of marketing your products and services by putting up interactive and engaging content online that not only drives more traffic to your website but also uses the best SEO practices to increase the rank of your website on Google SERPs. Content marketing is a complex tool that includes SEO, CMS, simple HTML, and PHP-based content. The target is to provide interactive material online that puts forth the best foot forward through posts, blogs, stories, and so much more. This also increases the visibility of your website on the network and increases audience engagement. Here, you can use the B2B communication channel to prove your credibility, focus on data, blockchain communications, and much more.

6. Mobile-First Marketing

Mobile devices and smartphones are one most used d=gadgets all around the world with the age of the internet. Therefore, it brings us to the point that as businesses, we need to focus on mobile marketing to reach the maximum audience and generate leads easily globally. As enterprises, you need to design and integrate your digital marketing techniques that can easily adapt and fit right into the mobile display without distorting its layout. You need to focus on optimizing your website design that can easily blend and adjust its page on the mobile screen. You can also use accelerated mobile pages to amplify your output. This way you can easily increase your brand and business’s visibility and drive more traffic.

7. Pooling SEO

Leveraging SEO for digital marketing is one of the most used and effective techniques for a long time. The best-used SEO techniques and tools like focused words, targeted keywords, meta-tagging, geo-tagging products and services, and other ways will help you to increase your rank in the Google SERPs and optimize your search results. This way your enterprise has more visibility on the network and therefore has more audience engagement and generates leads in the long run too. Vernacular SEO is also an important aspect of pooling SEO to promote your brand and business. Using vernacular SEO, apart from English, will remove any kind of linguistic hindrance between you and your audience and therefore offer a seamless user experience for any user belonging from any part of the globe. Pooling SEO is the most used digital marketing strategy used by most of the digital marketing services in India.

8. Audio and Video Marketing

Video and audio marketing is now the trendiest digital marketing technique that is being implemented by all organizations worldwide. Video marketing has been laying the foundation for the users to understand the information in a much simpler way as it creates more impact on the web visitor’s mind, showing a fully demonstrated and detailed video and putting their imagination in a more realistic way. Most of the enterprises are now putting up video tutorials, demonstrations, and small clips that help the customer understand the products and services offered clearly.

Some of the trendiest video marketing techniques are as follows-

  • Streaming Live
  • Short Clippings
  • Virtual Events
  • Video Demonstrations
  • User-Generated Video Contents
  • Tutorial Videos and Guides
  • Augmented Reality or AR Videos
  • Shoppable Content Videos

9. Voice Search Optimization

Since 2014, our smartphones and mobile devices have had this feature called voice search which is now the most used feature in all our devices. This has totally moduled online networking as most of the users use this feature to get their search results. It has also been claimed by Google that the voice search is mostly accurate and therefore makes the user’s experience more interactive and customized. This feature was introduced mostly to ease the user and remove the hindrance of typing. This way writing or texting or knowing a particular language is not a barrier for any audience.

10. Offer User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated or UGC is one the most credible approaches in digital marketing showing or prompting only the desired results to your users and creating something more personalized and then producing the final product. Some of the brands have adopted this type of marketing especially in customized goods like stationeries, t-shirts, pieces of jewelry, even online services that have been moulded by you just for you. This type of marketing reduces time, effort, money, and other resources that are required to grab and present to a wider audience rather than pursuing users who can become customers and help retain them for the future. It generates more leads, has a high click-through rate than the usual digital and promotional campaigns and ads. Most of the digital marketing services in India use this strategy to the fullest to help their clients land high-value customers.