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Tips To Choose The Right Colors  For Your WooCommerce Website

Tips To Choose The Right Colors For Your WooCommerce Website

“If you want your audiences to get absorbed into your website, choose colors that are striking enough to create a positive impression”

Why are colors important for your online business?

The psychology of color scheme in your eCommerce website helps the audience to perceive your brand, influences the visitor’s take on your web pages, and impacts your business. Colors play an important hand in the customer’s decision of buying your product and services. Previous studies have shown that 85% of the purchase decisions made are based on the account of colors, colors help in brand recognition by 80% and color impressions are responsible by 60% for the acceptance and rejection of any particular product or service.

Everyday life and even your business too are based on the color psychology of all the people. Therefore, colors weigh in the conversion optimization but it is not the sole factor here. There are multiple factors that influence your target audience to visit your website and choosing the right color scheme is one of them. You can also seek professional services from WooCommerce Website Development in India to help you out in making the correct fit. When something looks good, it intrigues the audience to look for more. That is where the color palette in your website plays a hand- to spark interactions leading to sales and revenue.

The Essence of Different Colors included in your WooCommerce

Colors are the aesthetic pleasure that springs our emotions, moods, and feelings towards a thing. Our actions, concepts, decisions, qualities, habits, preferences are all evoked from visual cues like color.

The different types of color that are included in your WooCommerce Shop can be stated as follows-

1. Primary Colors

While choosing the primary color for your eCommerce shop, you need to think of what kind of ambiance or vibe you want to create for your target audience. Then you should pursue the colors which will be a solid fit for your brand and business.

Each color symbolizes a different emotion or vibe. Like-

  • Red- Implies love, excitement, attention, comfort, and happiness.
  • Blue- Depicts corporate, dependability, trust, loyalty, and reassurance.
  • Green- Implies freshness, money, health, balance, nature, and scenic vibes.
  • Yellow- Depicts adventure, competence, enthusiasm, friendship, optimism, jolly and fun.
  • Orange- Symbolizes fun, and gives out a friendly vibe.
  • Purple- Distinguished by quality, power, royalty, respect, and fun.
  • Brown- Symbolizes comfort, sadness, natural, organic, and reliability.
  • Black- Depicts sophistication, elegance, and luxury.
  • White- Symbolizes simple, sleek, user-friendly vibes.

Choose the right primary color which coincides with your existing brand and business.

2. Additional Colors

After choosing the primary color, it is time to choose the additional color which will mark the starting point of your website’s counterparts. Choose such additional colors that will complement your WooCommerce shop and make it pop to the users. You can easily play with different colors that will blend in with your brand and make your products look obvious yet attractive to the visitors. You can add two or three colors in a mix with your primary color and instigate stimuli among your target audience.

3. Background Color

Selecting the right background color is the next task at hand. Your website will take up a huge space on the screen. While choosing the right background color there are two choices-

  • You can either use the muted version of your primary color to highlight your branding. You can add some white and grey overlay on the background in order to text or for show.
  • Or you can have a whole website be in an off-white color( which is the common choice) but you can add any other color and reduce the overlay. So that it won’t make your texts, images, links, or any other content jump off the web page.

4. Typeface Color

The final stop is selecting a typeface color for your eCommerce shop. You can choose bold colors like black or brown with a contrasting background color like grey or white. So that the black typeface is highlighted more. Some of the specific colors are reserved for a specific typeface like blue for links and other important parts of information. But there is always room for experimentation to find the right fit for your brand and business website.

5. Website Colors

Now for the finishing touch, with all the selecting the different colors which will bring out the essence of your WooCommerce shop, you can now put together it all and make your website attractive and most engaging for your targeted demographic.

There are a few extra tips like-

  • Using consistent saturation
  • Or vary the saturation using the same color code
  • Varying levels of brightness
  • Highlighting the focused areas
  • Using only chosen the brand’s color scheme

How to choose the right color scheme for your WooCommerce?

Colors evoke both positivity and negativity among different people and therefore drive the narrative from there. Choosing the right colors can be a difficult process and can put you in a dilemma but we are here to help you out through this descriptive blog so that your WooCommerce enjoy the best. Additionally, a hint of the professional eye which can be done by hiring WooCommerce Website Development in India is achieved.

Here are some of the major tips that will help you pick out the right colors for your E-Commerce website-

1. Benefiting from the Color Psychology

Color psychology can simply ex[lained by the aesthetic pleasure or what an individual feels after a visual experience and how it affects their decisions. Color psychology is a major concern when it comes to your eCommerce business. The feeling that a potential customer experience while making a purchase decision affects your WooCommerce. Colors affect the moods of the target audience and that is when color psychology comes into play. They influence or improve a web visitor’s or customer’s mindset and primes their feelings before any purchase or sale interaction happens. Every color marks a different emotion, or occasion by which every entrepreneur tries to implement while designing their WooCommerce.

2. Choosing the Right Colors for your Brand & Market Products

Choosing the right color for your brand recognition is a very crucial aspect of your business as a budding entrepreneur. The brand determines the course of your WooCommerce shop and selecting the right colors will be the right business decision. The colors are the key aspect of the visual elements that will make your eCommerce shop stand out in this competitive market. Color schemes need to be consistent among all your business assets like social media posts, business cards, banners, blogs, articles, graphics, merchandise, advertisements, campaigns, and among all the products and services that you are offering. This helps in recognizing your brand and relating to your customers by prompting clarity in the brand entity represented by a specific set of colors.

Colors solve a lot of questions posed by your target audience and what you represent in the market like-

  • Who are you?
  • What are you offering?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What describes your business when they first see you?
  • What do you want your customers to feel?

3. Implementing Isolation Effect

The isolation effect is also known as the von Restorff effect is the process where, in case any color stands out more than the other, the audience will remember the highlighted portion of the website more than the other one. You can use that to your advantage by highlighting the call-to-action buttons, add-to-cart buttons, opt-in, other links, and other important content of your website. It is a very powerful tactic that will come in handy when you can easily attract your users.

4. Considering the Target Demographic

When choosing the colors for your website, you also need to consider the target demography. Colors play a huge role in attracting the target audience and what sector of the demography you want to attract. When you are targeting the younger generation, then you can use playful colors. But when you are targeting the middle-aged section then you need to use sophisticated or elegant colors. The choice of color palette is also dependable on what type of industry you are targeting along with the audience like the fashion industry plays with bright colors, travel pages play with natural colors, and so on and so forth.

There is always a learning curve when it comes to choosing the right color scheme for your brand and business. There are always interesting elements when you get to know how color impacts your brand entity and online business. But with the best resources available, you can get to know how colors are a crucial aspect of your WooCommerce shop. Whether you are building your website or revamping the color palette of your existing eCommerce shop, this blog will guide you through the entire process and choosing the colors that have a unique character when the demography connects with your brand and business.