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The power of AI can ascertain malnutrition

The power of AI can ascertain malnutrition

Introduction of new technologies for the benefit of society is true blessings to mankind. Welthungerhilfe, a privately owned German organization has introduced an app to monitor the growth of the child. Although this pilot project has been rolled out in India, it can easily solve the malnutrition problem everywhere in the world.

This new smartphone app introduced by Welthungerhilfe, in partnership with Action against Hunger, an Indian organization, is called “Child Growth Monitor” and it typically leverages the power of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence for tracking and solving the current problem of Malnutrition in India. It will scan around 10,000 children to detect the problem of Malnutrition. It is beneficial for the health workers who can work accordingly, by taking care of the children who are suffering from prolonged starvation.

The program will be run by 12 teams, consisting of 150 people, who will install the app into their smartphone to detect malnutrition among children below 5 years of age, till the end of March 2019 in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mumbai.

According to Microsoft, this app takes the 3D measurement of the child’s height, weight and body volume. Which is then loaded on the Azure Cloud platform for further evaluation by the nutritionists along with the help of IT Specialists using Artificial intelligence to analyze the health condition of the child and provide the vitamins and other necessary supplements. This app has been built with a learning algorithm which gets shrewder each time you measure.

More than half of the population worldwide is poor and starving each day. Thus, they are suffering from malnutrition. This problem can’t be solved in a single day. But the use of the latest technology can obviously help you to identify those people and leads towards the betterment of society.