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Know The Exciting Features Offered with iOS 14 Update

Know The Exciting Features Offered with iOS 14 Update

Apple is always up with bundles of new features in all its latest updates. And the launch of iOS 14 is not an exception to this fact.

Very recently, Apple has released its latest version iOS 14 with some exciting features for its users which probably you might not be aware.

 Here I’m to unveil some of its features launched with iOS 14 updates.

Now you can execute a custom task with its “Back Tap” Feature. Now, what’s that? Must be wondering.

Well, “Back Tap” is the latest accessibility feature that will allow you to tap twice or thrice the back of your phone to facilitate a definite task.

Want to take a screenshot or lock your phone? Want to mute your phone or lower its volume? “Back Tap” feature will make your work much easy. Such a tap feature will trigger shortcuts to automate specific options. This is ideally good news for those with inadequate motor skills.

 Those who have already installed the latest version, reveals that the“Back Tap” feature is working incredibly well even if their phones are within a phone case.

What else? Is the battery of your Airpods draining too fast? Want to add extra wings to improve the battery life? The latest version will also improve the battery life of wireless earbuds.

This latest update will also help you to limit the access of photos so that the entire family photo or library is not exposed to others if you don’t wish so. Even, any sound that might seek your attention will be notified, through a new accessibility feature.

Isn’t it great news? Well, it indicates how Apple is using technology to eradicate the misconducts of the real world. If you have already installed the latest version of iOS, don’t forget to explore all the features I have mentioned above. Apart from all these if you find something else, then please do share it with us. Thank You!