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The converging trends changes the definition of modern smartphones

The converging trends changes the definition of modern smartphones

Technological advancement lessens the demand for smartphones.

Go back to the 19th century, where you were more accustomed to using various gadgets for various purposes. A phone, digital camera, CD player, an external hard disk- everything was meant for performing their special task.

But with the latest innovation in the field of technology, smartphones are not only meant for connecting calls between you and your dear ones, but its responsibility has increased significantly.

Modern days, phones have changed their definition. The buttons and cameras are places different, sizes and shapes have changed and moreover, they are capable of tracking your body movements and even give you alert if there is any tendency for heart attack in the future. Thus, phones are engaged in performing multiple activities. In this case, the importance of 5G and AI has to be mentioned separately, for making our phones capable of doing all these activities.

The tech companies are continuously experimenting for bringing the latest changes. Soon in the next decade, we might find out smartphones to be replaced by wearable displays, with wide usage of Voice assistants and more interactive interfaces. Already evolution from physical to digital button is clearly visible and soon skin put technology will replace the digital button.

Even, the new generation will experience smart fabrics which will sync with an app to let you understand if the yoga you are doing it the right way or not. Thus, you will be able to get real-time feedback. Apple too has introduced “force-sensing” fabrics, for monitoring heartbeat rate and blood pressure.

It can be easily understood that the buying trends of consumers are changing continuously. Their expectation levels are also increasing as they are always looking for extra features. The entire business process is revolutionizing and so is their relationship with their customers.