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Switching existing mobile phone network provider is quite hassle free

Switching existing mobile phone network provider is quite hassle free

Not happy with your mobile phone network provider? You can always change if you find a better option with just one free text.

Being a customer if you are not happy with the service provided by your mobile network provider all you need to do is ping them up before you opt for the new one. Once they pass the PAC alias Porting Authorization Code to the new service provider you can change the provider keeping the number unchanged.

But the operator has a tendency to persuade you for not changing the service of the current provider. This kind of fallacy creates more confusion and as a result, it becomes hard for you to take the necessary steps.

Being a customer you don’t have to deal with such a situation any more. The switching process will now be much carefree. You are just one text away will you feel like changing and within one working day you will get the new provider as per your choice. But there might be a termination free in case you change it while remaining in any kind of contract with your existing network provider.

Just SMS “PAC” to 65075 and the process will be initiated. The PAC number will be sent to you by the service provider which will have a 30 days validity. In case there is any termination fee or any amount due from your side you will be informed through a message.

Only you need to give the PAC to the new service provider and they are going to make the necessary arrangements so that everything is done in a single working day. If you are not willing to keep the same number then you can always terminate the service by typing “STAC” and sending it directly to 75075 and request for the termination authorization code. This code will also be sent via message.

Options are many. Do only what your heart feel is correct and serves the need. There is no need of explaining anything to the existing service provider and you can easily avoid any kind of awkward situation.