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Stop Google from following you if you don’t like it

Stop Google from following you if you don’t like it

Now clearing location history is even easier. Know how to do it

Google has turned out to be our unofficial supervisor monitoring all our doings over the internet. But you can keep Google away from you whenever you wish to do so. Data can get deleted automatically after particular time period.

Google has a tendency of saving the record of the different visited by us in the past and the activities performed by us and our physical movement is reaped through Google Map. All this while you have been able to turn off the tracking activity by entering the settings and then select the Activity Control open and remove saved information manually by selecting delete activity page.

But again there remains a problem with it. We have a tendency of forgetting things and we often forget to delete and moreover if the tracking option is turned off completely then also we will find no information when we really want it at times.

This is the reason which inspired Google to launch a new feature where saved data will be deleted automatically after a fixed time period, anywhere between 18 months to 3 years. When it was initially launched in the month of May, this service was available for web and app related activity but now Google is looking forward to delete location history automatically too.

Earlier also users could delete location history by entering the settings of Google Maps Timeline. But again this is for the first time user will be able to track their whereabouts and delete it regularly. This facility will now be available for iOS and Android platform users and others need to wait for some time.

There are several other areas as well which are manually operated yet like deleting voice recordings made by Google Assistant and viewing search history on YouTube. Settings are there where users can turn it off completely.

Google uses the records for future advertisement purpose but user can always make the necessary settings for not entertaining Google in performing such services. Lastly, handle your data the way you might feel to be the best.