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Why and How to Use Social Media Platforms For Link-Building?

Why and How to Use Social Media Platforms For Link-Building?

Social media platforms might not impact a website’s SEO ranking directly, yet it is considered an important junction where you can meet your clients, engage with them and influence them to visit your website, thereby increasing the footfalls of your website.

For those who pay attention only to “Do-follow” links, social media platforms might not attract them. It is because social media platforms offer “No-Follow” backlinks, which means they don’t pass authority to the website and, as a result, will not influence Google’s website ranking. However, the truth is that social media plays a subtle role in influencing website ranking on search engines.

If only do-follow links point to a particular website, then Google might put the website under the scanner, to eradicate chances of suspicious activities. So even “No-Follow” links matter to make a link-building profile look natural and secure your website from unnecessary troubles.

To help you plan your social media linking strategy, we have provided a few helpful tips. Before we discuss the strategies, let’s examine the benefits they provide to your business.

How social media link-building can be advantageous?

You may expect a lot of advantages from social media because it is an effective platform that attracts audiences quickly. You will better comprehend the benefits of social media linking strategy if you consider the points below.

  • Social media is a cost-effective tool that helps drive traffic to your site. It helps boost brand awareness and also boost your SEO.
  • Although Google does not include social networking as a ranking factor, other search engines do. Search engines like Bing, for instance, prioritize social media as a ranking element.
  • Social media sites are useful for widely sharing your content as well. Giving your website’s link on your social media accounts enables users to browse the content of your website. Informing your clients about your services or products is vitally necessary.

Although there are many other social media sites, SMM service providers prefer Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, having a basic understanding of them can help you organize your link-building tactics.

Let’s get started!


According to a survey report released in the fourth quarter of 2021, there are around 2.9 billion active users of Facebook. You can include a link to your website in the “About” section of your Facebook page. Additionally, you have the option of including the backlink in the Contact or Basic section. Any Facebook user will be able to find that link if that field is made public. In addition, you can provide a link to your website on the profile timeline. This is a fantastic tool for group creation and for pinning posts with links to your website. Through this, group members can access your website and learn more about your business.


Indeed, more than text this platform is widely used for sharing images and videos. Moreover, it has become a popular social media platform due to its great user interface. Therefore, expert marketers suggest sharing infographics related to your business and including your site’s link to it. Hashtags, making Instagram links clickable, and including hyperlinks in usernames and bios are essential for Instagram marketing. Consequently, it is the ideal platform for your business’s recognition.


According to survey results, 54% of social media users react to brand mentions on the site by taking some sort of action. Additionally, advertising your brand on Twitter will indeed give it a more trustworthy appearance.
Twitter is preferred by 82% of B2B content marketers since it offers a variety of tools for business promotion. After all, it enables you to communicate with your audience, leverage keywords in Twitter Ads, and drive traffic with hashtags. Because of this, you can target your potential audiences with your future tweets.

Useful techniques for getting links from social media

To increase the amount of traffic to your website, link building is undoubtedly important, and social networking platforms can be helpful. However, link building also requires a proper technique, and the following are some of them suggested by any social media marketing company in India.

Use LinkedIn to expand your network:

A steadily expanding network is essential for the success of your business. No platform is as helpful as LinkedIn for expanding your network for your business.LinkedIn is unquestionably a platform that will assist you in making the necessary and pertinent connections. Obtaining all of the beneficial relationships from those connections is also beneficial for your company. Consequently, use the strategies listed below to comprehend the approach:

  • Open your LinkedIn profile first, then scroll down to the contact information section to find the website field. Only your site link needs to be connected here.
  • Your LinkedIn postings are especially significant because you can link to your website after you create the post. This aids in attracting visitors to your website.

Facebook for link building:

Facebook also offers your company a variety of link-building chances. Now let’s look at how you can use this platform to build links.

  • You can include a link in your Facebook bio up to 101 characters long.
  • Facebook page’s contact information can be found in the “about” section. Additionally, you can provide a link to your website and any business-related contact information.
  • You can share a link to your website in the Facebook comment section too.

Twitter and Hashtag:

On Twitter, hashtags are a prevalent form of communication, and many help construct social media links. Reporters and brands frequently use hashtags like #PRRequests and #bloggerrequest, for instance. They mostly use it as a means of informational inquiry. You can anticipate a link in return for offering the tweet’s author helpful suggestions.

Utilize Pinterest:

You may also use platforms like Pinterest to advertise your company and help it expand. If you use this platform, you may also anticipate receiving natural links. Additionally, it will aid in driving referral traffic to your website. It also increases your chances of being included in an article listing the “best from Pinterest.”

Don’t ignore platforms like Quora or Reddit:

Quora and Reddit are two more beneficial venues for link building besides Facebook and Instagram. You must include Quora and Reddit while creating your social media link-building plan. These platforms are beneficial for sharing your links and generating referral traffic.

Publishing your information on websites like Quora or Reddit is not difficult at all. In addition, you can increase your SEO score by obtaining high-quality social media backlinks.

YouTube is also helpful:

Another great search engine you may use for link building is YouTube. In reality, YouTube gives you the same ability to interact with your target audience that Google does. So, when utilizing YouTube to create relevant links, remember the suggestions given below.

  • High-quality link building is not easy without preparing high-quality YouTube videos. After all, there will be so much similar content that you will need to beat to stand out from the rest.
  • You may also include a link to your website in the about section of your YouTube channel. As a result, when users click on the about page, they will discover a connection to your site and be able to access it.
  • Within the first 25 to 30 words of the video description, you can also provide a link to your website.


If your focus is on growing your audience list and securing backlinks to the website, social media platforms can be an effective tool. It will not only attract new audiences but will also drive traffic to your website and make those audiences fall in love with your brand.

Why not leverage the power of social media platforms to impress your audiences and direct them to your website? Connect with Esolz Technologies, the best SMM agency, to learn about other strategies to help you secure your brand presence online.