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Snapchat rolls out a completely new version of its Android App

Snapchat rolls out a completely new version of its Android App

Year’s long hard work came out with the ultimate result.

It’s time for you all, to experience a new version of Snapchat, with improved compatibility and fewer buggy experience. In a word, this new version has a solution to all the major problems that were linked with Snapchat earlier. So, once you download it from the Playstore, you can see its immediate results.

Although looks wise you will not find much difference, but let me tell you the team members have written the code from the basic level once more. So, they have completely rebuild the app.

But why and how this process of rebuilding Snapchat came in their mind? I’m sure, you must be curious to know about it. So, I

shall explain to you why?

Identifying the problem: Everything was running perfectly from the time Snapchat started its journey. But then two and a half years back the company suddenly wanted to compare the code of both Android and iOS version and they found it to be perfect. They were ignorant about users experience then.

Finally, the developers of Snapchat caught a major user experience problem which prompted the development team to do all kinds of mapping to figure out which part of the code was actually creating the problem. Its major improvements came in 2017 and they got a positive response from its users. But, that was not the end of all the problems. More improvements were needed and they decided to work on it more.

The rewrite process started: At the beginning of 2018, for better performance and to add more features the development team continued their work and started the rebuilding process. But the problem with the code remained as the app was always running the code in the background. Only a full rewrite of the code from the base level could fix the issue.

Challenges were there as obvious. As the number of iOS devices was very less compared to Android Phones. The biggest challenge was to run the app smoothly on every Android smartphone starting from high-end devices to low-end devices, thus utilizing the full potentiality of hardware of all the devices.

The end result: For better performance, specifically for low-end devices, the development team made an end- to end approach using a modular strategy for writing the application’s code. However, the modular code approach made their task much easier.

Currently, the developers are doing testing on a broader scale, to ensure all the works are updated accordingly.

Being a user you will not be able to notice any changes in its layout, but surely you will be able to get a more responsive app with better performance for sure.

What the future holds?

The development team has a far-sighted vision. They want to omit the differences between Android Phone and iOS phone by rewriting the code. One would not be surprised if notices updates on Android devices even before iOS devices.

Their primary goal is to fix any kinds of bugs present in Android devices and once they sort out all the problems they will focus on delivering more interesting features based on Augmented Reality.