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Snapchat is finding better ways to communicate on Snap Map.

Snapchat is finding better ways to communicate on Snap Map.

Initially, Snapchat introduced Snap Map for its users to explore all kinds of breaking news and events around the globe, in the year 2017. Now, Snapchat is testing its new “status” feature for today’s teen, to encourage their frequent gatherings. Thus, this feature will not only help you to mention your check-ins and but allow your friend to know about it including the purpose.

You can also select a Bitmoji to further explain your activities like if you are playing computer games, or going for swimming etc. and make a list of all the places you have visited till date in a private diary called Passport.

This new feature fixes the problem that was attached with the previous feature on Snap Map. Earlier it was possible only to mention about check-in location but the purpose couldn’t be explained. This sometimes created confusion among friends. The purpose of the check-in might be related to any official meeting or just a general gathering. But, explaining things became difficult.

So, Snapchat’s new features will help its users to communicate clearly. However, it was first checked by Jane Manchun Wong. According to him, these new feature is being tested among a few Australian users. Where the new “Status” feature will enable users to provide their check-in information along with its purpose, the other “Passport” will keep track of everything, whose history you can delete anytime.

And, for those who don’t want to share any information on Snap Map can enter ghost mode anytime and all your early contents based on location will be deleted automatically if you don’t access the app within eight hours.

One thing I must agree, the privacy record of Snapchat is much better than Facebook due to its close-knit social graph. Facebook is replicating many of its features. So, it’s high time for Snapchat to differentiate its products.