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SEO or PPC which one should you choose and why?

SEO or PPC which one should you choose and why?

SEO or PPC which one should you choose and why?

Why should you go for an SEO campaign when you know the shortcut to improve your website visibility, and i.e. PPC ad campaign? Find answers to your problem in this blog.

If the acronyms like SEO and PPC are currently spinning in your mind, then either you are an entrepreneur, who is searching for information on PPC and its benefits before investing, or a digital marketer, who wishes to improve website ranking. But whoever you are, we have the answer to all your queries.

The general accord of the human mind is to find a shortcut solution to overcome our immediate problems. Once you start comparing between PPC and SEO, to boost up your website visibility, you will always find PPC getting the maximum vote. 

Though SEO is free and takes time to show visible results, you won’t mind maintaining a separate budget for PPC.  It is because of the following reasons-

  • You get the opportunity to remain at the top of the SERP

You might have noticed that those who run PPC ad campaigns positions themselves at the top of the SERP. When you run PPC ad campaigns to promote your site, it becomes easier for you to improve site visibility. Practising only SEO strategies can also help you to improve the website ranking, but time it will also take much of your patience.

  • Discover the most effective keywords

Whichever strategy you follow to improve your site ranking, you always need to include the most relevant keywords, keeping the user’s intention in mind. As PPC brings immediate results, it’s easier for you to identify the most effective keywords and practice SEO campaigns. 

  • Easy to drive local leads to the webpage

If you want to grow your business, you need to target the localities first. It’s the best marketing strategy we all are aware of. It is because localities look for service providers who are within their reach. 

Engaging the PPC campaign and Google My Business enables you to drive local leads to your site.

  • Easy to create brand awareness

The main objective of building a website is to create brand awareness and generate revenue. If from the very first day you keep on struggling hard to prove the existence of the online business in front of your potential clients, without any visible results, there is no point in running such business online.

With the PPC ad campaign, your task becomes easy. It’s easy to create brand awareness, thereby paving the way towards your goal.

Which is the best option for your online business?

But if you take our opinion, we would suggest keeping SEO and PPC cheek by jowl. As only the joint intervention of both can generate the result you are looking for.

Here I tell you the reasons why?

  • Easy to collect data for practising effective SEO

The instant data that you collect by running a PPC campaign like the relevant keywords, audience demographics, can help you with SEO strategies too. You are not investing anything extra to practice SEO campaign. So why not use it as a shield for your business?

  • Easy to improve the website appearance

The more the merrier. 

Just imagine your website name is appearing at the top page because of a PPC ad campaign, and again as users go down to check the organic search results list, they find website details. Won’t it be a double bonanza for you? 

  • Improve SEO content

You always get the chance to improve SEO content when you run a PPC campaign. It is because PPC allows you to find the necessary information like the title tags, page content that drives the maximum traffic to your website and then use it rightly for your SEO campaign.

  • Can contest against negative PR

Any bad incident or any negative feedback from a customer can result in negative publicity, which in every way is harmful to any kind of business. The existence of the internet spread those words as wildfire. 

However, such a situation can always be coveted when you strategically use SEO and PPC and turn customers in your favour.

Let’s improve the conversion rate

 As SEO and PPC are interlinked, though indirectly, we can still benefit from them to improve the conversion rate. By reviewing the PPC rate, omitting the irrelevant keywords, indexing the PPC landing page and creating endearing ROAS ad copy, we can easily achieve our target.

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