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Reasons for the growing popularity of Say Namaste in India

Reasons for the growing popularity of Say Namaste in India

Say Namaste, the newest video-conferencing platform is gaining popularity nationwide as a substitute of Zoom. Why? Continue reading to know the reasons.

Video conferencing has taken the limelight at times when people are locked down at home because of the outspread of novel Coronavirus worldwide. It allows staying connected with their dear ones in such times of distress, even if they are far away.

Among the different video- conferencing platforms, Zoom has been the most successful one by drawing the attention of millions of people worldwide. Nearly 200 million people have been extensively using Zoom daily till the time its security flaws grabbed the attention of other software researchers. As a result, the use of Zoom has now been shunned by the majority of its users.

Following it, even the Government of India has banned the usage of Zoom at government offices and urged the IT startups to develop another efficient video-conferencing platform.

Instantly Say Namaste was introduced by a Mumbai-based IT firm to the countrymen which are also noted by many as the initiative taken by the Government of India.Soon, it was marketed through various social media platforms and witnessed several users in a very short time. According to the owner of Say Namaste, currently, it has 100,000 users and 25,000 meetings have already taken place successfully in 48 hours, which itself is a record.

So, have you started using Say Namaste or still using Zoom to communicate with your dear ones regularly? If you have already started using the newest platform then don’t forget to share your experience with us. Thank you for reading this article.