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Python’s growing popularity among developers around the globe

Python’s growing popularity among developers around the globe

Python has been around for 28 long years, after its first release in the year 1991. But suddenly, this language has turned out to be immensely popular among programmers worldwide.

The programming language of python has been designed in such a way that any non-programmers or non-developers can also work on it. To make it less complex the designers paid less attention to the usage of conventional syntax designing Python. Moreover, the language has been built in such a way that programmers can use it for various purposes at different stages of the development process.

Surprisingly, in recent years this language has become immensely popular and there has to be a reason behind that. The reasons are as follows-

Availability of documents- Since the programming language has been there for quite a long time, the developers can easily avail documents, tutorials and guides from anywhere. Moreover, they are extremely active and ready to help each other whenever anybody gets stuck anywhere during the development stage.

Tech giants are using it- Big companies like Google has been working on Python since 2006 to develop their systems and applications and this is the reason why they have created several guides and tutorials for their developers. This too has a positive influence on other developers.

Well-Efficient and Reliable- Python is such a programming language that fits very well in any kind of environment without affecting its performance. This adaptability feature makes it work across any domain be it for web development, mobile application, desktop application and many more.

Its use in Big Data- Python reached its success height because of its use in Big data and Cloud computing solution. Since Python has a large number of amazing libraries, it can be easily used for developing code and its performance is also much faster than other programming languages. It is also one of the preferred languages for training machines and artificial intelligence.

Vast libraries- If you are working on any complicated project then you will definitely realize the importance of having huge libraries. It helps to categorize the work completed at various stages during the entire development process. Python has an outstanding section of libraries where some of them are dedicated to meet specific purposes.

Easily accessible- Python is such a language that can be learned easily by anybody within a short time. This is mainly because of the simple syntax it uses and puts more focus on natural language. Any newcomer can learn the code and deploy it easily wherever required that too in less time.

So, now you can realize your cloud has become an integral part of the development team irrespective of the domain they are serving.