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PHP vs WordPress Web Development: 4 Must Considered Factors

PHP vs WordPress Web Development: 4 Must Considered Factors

There are various factors that make you anxious when it comes to building a website for your business. A major factor is choosing a platform that is appropriate for your website. The most popular options that are available are WordPress and PHP. But deciding among the two is not an easy task. It is because you need to know important facts about PHP and WordPress before reaching out to website design and development companies for WordPress website development Services or PHP Website development services.

Where PHP is an open-source programming and scripting language used for development of web applications, WordPress is a CMS platform developed with PHP, HTML and CSS code. Depending on the needs of your business,one need to determine which one is most effective. After all, the right choice always helps you achieve your business goals.

Important things to know about WordPress

  • What is WordPress:

It is a Content Management System that is mainly free. In fact, it is an open-source CMS. It is a popular platform that lets a lot of successful brands and businesses get their start. It has multiple themes and over 50,000 plugins.

  • The platform for famous websites:

Various popular organizations and companies have relied on WordPress to build their websites. Famous companies such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, etc. have used WordPress to develop their websites.

  • WordPress for online stores:

WordPress is no longer restricted to bloggers. Why? Its features now allow it to function as an online store.
The application of Plugins: WordPress has plugins and some plugins are absolutely free of cost. With these plugins, you can build custom websites for your business without having to deal with coding.

  • For building members only site:

WordPress lets you develop websites that are only accessible to certain members. The content of such websites can only be viewed by paying for membership.

Important things to know about PHP

  • What is PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language for developing various websites. In order to add some advanced features to your websites PHP is certainly helpful.
  • It is Open source software: You can easily get the source code of PHP as it is free.
  • It is faster: PHP is faster than most other scripting languages.
  • Not at all complicated: PHP is a very simple scripting language. This language is therefore very easy to learn.
  • Smooth on various platforms: Codes that are written in PHP can run easily on platforms such as Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Factors to consider when choosing between PHP and WordPress web development

In spite of understanding the definition and features of PHP and WordPress, it is still difficult to choose between them. You must, however, make a decision. But what is the easiest way to make such a choice for your website? Certainly, there are various factors that may help to decide which one is better. Before making any decision, consider the following 4 factors.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

WordPress has its own unique way of ranking its content. For this purpose, keywords and comments are used. WordPress is certainly flexible for keywords optimization. All you need to do is find some specific words that are relevant to your content. Once you insert them into specific slots, it actually works. Besides, WordPress is an excellent platform for its plugins. In fact, these plugins are helpful for SEO. You can get help from such plugins to improve the ranking of your content.

In simple words, WordPress is great for its SEO-friendliness. Whereas, you cannot expect such SEO-friendliness from PHP. Therefore, if you are planning to develop your website using PHP then you need the help of experts to improve the ranking. Moreover, the companies that offer PHP Development Services in India can be certainly helpful.

  • User experience:

Providing a positive user experience is also one of the key objectives of your website. After all, if your users are having a better user experience they are more likely to stay on the page. Thus you ensure the smooth performance of your website. WordPress allows you to use its theme and plugins to create an amazing website. In fact, a lot of bloggers prefer using WordPress as they can easily create and publish their content using this platform. Most importantly, they find their users happy. PHP is easy to handle for developers.

Therefore, developers get enough flexibility to develop a website that is easy to access and yet attractive. In light of this, if you are deciding between these two options you will find both to be extremely useful.

  • Which is more secure:

You cannot put the information of your website and your customers at risk when you are developing a website. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a platform of your website you need to understand which one is more secure. After all, a vulnerable platform may hamper your business and also your reputation. If you choose WordPress you get plugins.

You can always improve the security of your website by using these plugins. WordPress gives you enough flexibility to make your website more secure. However, PHP is not going to put your website at risk. Its frameworks and tools are sufficient to guarantee a website’s security.

  • Find out which one fits your budget:

One of the most important factors that you cannot avoid is your budget. If the platform does not fit your budget, you should never use it. Therefore, you need to understand which platform you can actually afford.

WordPress is free and no charges are needed for updating it. In some cases, you will have to pay for certain plugins, as not every plugin is free. In fact, these plugins are not cheap either. On the other hand, the premium tools at PHP are not as expensive as compared to WordPress. However, if you are looking to develop a website with more features, PHP is the best choice. There is no doubt that WordPress is best suited for websites that are simple and free of hassles.


Selection certainly is complex; you need to find answers to a lot of questions before making a final decision. By keeping these factors in mind, you can certainly find the right choice for your website. You should look for companies that offer WordPress Web Development Services in India and also have expert PHP developers to guide you in the right direction and help you accomplish business goals online.