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Photo Storage apps cannot be trusted blindly- Here is the reason why?

Photo Storage apps cannot be trusted blindly- Here is the reason why?

Many of us have a tendency of capturing our vision and storing it beautifully on an app so that those images are never destroyed or lost. But hardly do we realize that not all apps are trustworthy. The app that offers free storage facility with the unlimited backup of all the images might have some other intention behind it. They secretly uses those images for training facial recognition of Artificial intelligence.

It must be shocking news for you all but it is true. According to the news report presented by NBC News, an Ever app that launched its cloud storage business in 2013, for storing photographs realized that only this business cannot help him earn more profits and thereby indulged in the business of selling photographs in 2017 for training Facial recognition technology of AI.

The worst part is that the customers are not aware of this fact, as their consents are not taken. The company’s privacy policy only discussed how facial recognition feature can help them to group the picture of the same individuals together and in a single line they only acknowledged that user’s data might be used to improve their products further. The only update given by the company in April was that their products included facial recognition offering by the enterprise. As per the experts, it violates the user’s privacy completely, as users have no information about the usage of their personal data.

Such incidents clearly show that photographs that are stored can be used for facial recognition anytime. Several academics and private firms are making use of millions of photographs from MegaFace or Faces in wild for training AI. Not only that, those websites often contain pictures from Flickr.

Here arises the question of the user’s security. How safe are our personal content that we upload online? It is a matter that we must be aware of so that before uploading anything we are more careful about it. Today the data is used for training the AI for better recognition of human faces but tomorrow it might be used for some purposes as well. So, think before you put on anything on social media and it will be a big mistake to trust them blindly.