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Optimizing Shopping Cart And Checkout Process: A Complete Guide

Optimizing Shopping Cart And Checkout Process: A Complete Guide

Your customers may abandon a cart after adding products to the order list for multiple reasons. However, if your online shopping cart abandonment rate is too high, boosting the conversion rate is almost impossible.

According to Statista, 80% of online shopping orders were abandoned in March 2021.

But you can improve the features of your eCommerce website to improve your customer’s shopping experience. Continue reading to know how to enhance conversion rate by optimizing the shopping cart and checkouts of your online store.

Cart abandonment and checkout abandonment: Are these synonymous?

The answer is no. After your customers add products they want to buy to the shopping cart, they are supposed to pay for the products during checkout. Additionally, they can edit that shopping list and remove the products from the list if they decide not to make the purchase, also called cart abandonment.

On the other hand, when a customer cancels the payment just before processing it, it is called checkout abandonment. Customers can also add items to their shopping carts and purchase them later. Moreover, adding products to the shopping cart is mandatory for checkout. Whether it is cart abandonment or checkout abandonment, customers leave your website in both circumstances. And such instances are a major cause of concern for any e-commerce business.

What are the possible causes of cart abandonment?

There are myriad reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts without making purchases.

Take a look at the following points to get some ideas about what might be causing this.

  • There may be visitors who merely want to browse around your online store.
  • Even when clients are determined to purchase a product, the overall increased amount owing to the addition of other fees may persuade them to leave the cart.
  • An online store’s unfriendliness to users may cause clients to abandon the site. It’s a sign of the website’s UX issues.
  • If customers find that the checking out process is too complicated they immediately leave the site.
  • If customers are compelled to register an account before proceeding to the checkout, they may abandon the website.
  • Customers may find it annoying because creating an account requires them to provide personal information.
  • Customers may be hesitant to purchase things if the return or refund policy is ambiguous. So, this can be another reason for cart abandonment.
  • Customers look for online stores that offer discounts. In case they find that there is no discount on the products they may leave the site to seek out another.
  • The e-commerce site must provide sufficient information to assist buyers in obtaining relevant product information. Due to a lack of information, a customer’s time on a website to complete a purchase may be extended. Customers may be forced to abandon the site as a result of this.

Ways to optimize your online store shopping cart and checkout

You should strive to create an online store that is compelling enough for clients to purchase products without difficulty and optimize your online store’s shopping cart and the checkout experience. The conversion rate will only increase after that. Any expert e-commerce web development company in India, like Esolz Technologies, will recommend the following methods.

The cart button and icon should display on all the pages:

Adding items to the shopping cart should be simple for customers. So, your online store’s pages should be organized in a way that the cart button is displayed at the top of each page.

Also, keep in mind that the icon should be visually appealing. Furthermore, your clients must be able to see the ‘Add to cart button. As a result, you might want to keep the button below the product description. This way customers can effortlessly add items to their shopping carts whenever they find anything they want to buy.

Provide detailed product descriptions:

When buyers discover a product, they become curious to learn more about its features. By putting the necessary information in your product description, you can always assist your buyers.

What happens if customers are unable to locate product descriptions? Outside of your website, they’ll have to search for the benefits of the products. When you’re creating a product listing, include three photographs as well as the price, size, and color options.

Furthermore, you can include the products’ benefits in a few words. Such information helps customers to make fast decisions regarding purchasing a product.

There should not be any ambiguity on the checkout page:

Customers should have a clear understanding of all the charges they will pay before proceeding to the payment page. As a result, all the expert e-commerce development services providers in India advise providing all these facts on the checkout page. So, you should explicitly state the shipping prices as well as all taxes on this page.

Additionally, for transparency, all payment options should be readily available on this page. In this way, it is easier to gain the trust of your customers, leading to higher conversion rates.

A simple payment page:

Customers may find it difficult to make payments if they feel the online store is not secure. As a result, crucial security seals must appear on that page. Furthermore, any difficulties with the payment process can hinder the purchase. As a result, you must include a variety of payment ways to make this procedure easier. This will allow buyers to select the most convenient payment method. Also, remember to save the payment information. This will save their time the next time they shop on your website.

Direct checkout without account creation:

Ensure that clients can purchase things without creating an account. Signing up can be inconvenient at checkout, so there’s no reason to force customers to do it. Clients should only register when they are ready to. Joining up should not be a prerequisite for purchasing products.


An effective e-commerce site is a great tool to boost conversion rates. Hopefully, with the information presented here, you can optimize your e-shopping store’s cart and checkout. Your conversion rate will certainly increase drastically.