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Optimizing Content with Google NLP Algorithms: Key Facts

Optimizing Content with Google NLP Algorithms: Key Facts

Are you not getting your desired results despite optimizing your content with effective SEO techniques? Do you know that improving the ranking of your content is not merely dependent on keywords, permalinks, or meta descriptions? You must understand how the Google NLP algorithm works to help your content rank better.

What exactly are we talking about? To find your answer continue reading this article and learn how the NLP algorithm plays a role in optimizing your content.

Natural Language Processing or NLP: some key facts

NLP or Natural Language Processing is a technology that makes communication easier between machines and humans. It is mainly the automatic manipulation of speech and text with the help of software. Besides, it is important to help search engines understand what your content is all about.

NLPs are crucial parts of Artificial intelligence as it helps machines organically communicate with humans. Following are some examples that will help you understand how NLPs are used.

  • Sentiment analysis: NLPs have made it possible to analyze customer satisfaction as they can measure emotional levels.
  • Auto-correct: It is not limited to spelling checking as it is helpful to check grammar utilizing a syntax analysis.
  • Speech recognition: It’s useful for translating audio into commands.

How does NLP API work?

In simple terms, this tool turns the text into an understandable unit for the machines using text vectorization. Then to make a successful association between the input and outputs, the desired outputs and data are included in the machine learning algorithm. Thus, making it possible to create a knowledge bank by using the statistical analysis method.

Who should use NLP?

To understand the structure and meaning of human language, NLP is beneficial. Then it is changed to rule-based machine learning algorithms that can solve particular issues. Content strategists, writers, and content marketers need to know how machines understand the language of humans. Only then they can craft useful content. The keywords that you use help the NLP API tools categorize the content properly.

Below are the advantages of NLP API tools:

  • In-depth analysis: You can analyze unorganized text data with such tools when checking social media comments, reviews, etc.
  • Quickly arrange information: In fact, without taking human help you can organize all content-related information instantly using the tool.
  • Appropriate for specific fields: Such tools can also comprehend industry-specific languages. Thus, you can get analyzed content specific to your business needs.

How does the Google NLP algorithm help optimize content?

As per the SEO experts of the most renowned SEO agencies in India, like Esolz Technologies, you can optimize your content with NLP by following the steps below.

Choose the appropriate keyword:

When crafting content for targeting your audience, you must identify and choose the right keywords. That’s why while choosing the right keyword, keep in mind the following points.

  • Low keyword difficulty(KD%) percentage: Before you pick a keyword, verify how competitive the keywords are to rank in the search engines. You must select keywords with low KD%.
  • High search volume: Don’t select a keyword that has less than 500 search volume.
  • Relevant: Of course, you must pick relevant search terms, and that’s why to select the one that displays the behind it. Such keywords are certainly going to help you get noticed by your target audience.

Check the high-ranking websites using Google Natural language API:

By opening the high-ranking websites, you will find reasons why these websites rank better in the search results. The reasons why a website ranks higher are mainly based on the quality of its content, a good number of backlinks, etc.

The factors that determine the ranking of the websites are the age of the site, page speed, mobile indexing, social signals, etc.

Also, you must analyze the content of such websites using various tools available. You can choose Google Natural Language API to examine the content of these sites.

First, you have to copy the content and then paste it onto the tool. After that click on ‘Analyze’ and you will find it is divided into 4 categories: entities, sentiment, syntax, and categories.

  • Entities: All the entities from your article are stored within the brackets once separated.
  • Sentiment: This section separates the sentences from your article based on sentiments.
  • Syntax: If you want to find the syntax of each sentence come to this section.
  • Categories: This part helps collect useful information about your content.

Use Google sheet work:

In the next stage, you need to transfer the content from the tool to the Google spreadsheet. Simply identify the words that you think are important and this way you can also help Google understand the authority of your content.

The point to remember here is that you need to modify your content in case Google fails to show you confidence. Moreover, sentiment analysis is also possible at this stage. All of the sentiments are highlighted using three colours and you must focus on the red and green sentences.

Red and green indicate the usage of negative and positive emotions respectively. By focusing on these two colours you can find the issues in your content and can fix them.

Modify your content using the data:

The purpose of collecting all the important information from high-ranking websites is to make necessary modifications to your content. Following are the steps that you must not forget while optimizing your content.

  • Intent: Look at the intent of the keyword you want to optimize your content for. Therefore, check the results you are receiving from Google for the keywords and make modifications.
  • Better loading: You need to speed up your website. After all, a slow-loading website will never help you rank better.
  • Placing the keywords: Identifying the right keywords won’t help if you don’t place them in the right positions. So, place them in the title, H1, the body of your content, and the meta description.
  • URL: You must not complicate the structure of your URL as simple URLs are useful for Google and also for users.
  • Alt tags: These are important for your website’s images. So, you must name the images using the words that your customers will be looking for. This way, Google images can also help you increase your sales by bringing better traffic.
  • Internal linking: As page rank moves from one page to the next, it can help your keywords rank higher.


You can certainly optimize your content by understanding the Google NLP algorithm. However, hiring leading SEO experts in India can help your content rank better. Consider the information we’ve provided because, to expand your business, you’ll need better leads than anything else.