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Obnoxious reality that might stop you from using Facebook

Obnoxious reality that might stop you from using Facebook

It’s time to think twice before relying completely on Facebook.

Social Media platforms have become a part of our life, and all net users acknowledge this fact. Whether sharing our thoughts, ideas or uploading photographs- we never stop ourselves from expressing anything on social platforms, especially if it is our favourite Facebook which ranks first among other social networking sites.

We all have the idea of how smartphones these days enables others to eavesdrop on our conversation, however, the phone industry is constantly working on it to eradicate such issues. But what Facebook is doing is more harrowing.

You must have noticed the ad you see on Facebook somewhere synchronizes to what you are thinking or planning to do. Did you ever think about how this is possible? Coincidence can occur once or twice but not every time. Facebook is not listening to your personal conversation, rather it chasing you constantly. Of course, there is no clear indication of such a thing happening in reality but serving such accurate advertisements without any clue is totally impossible.

Earlier in the month of August 2019, Facebook conducted a test to examine the accuracy level of its transcription algorithm by transcribing audio conversations piloted through its Messenger app. but, Facebook has denied the fact of listening to your conversation as it claims not to use your phone’s microphone for eavesdropping. The company claims to show you advertisements based on your profile and your interest areas.

However, the harsh reality is Facebook has an idea about all your whereabouts and track other activities too through your Android phone which includes accessing the call log data, text messages- including those which you type but never send and finally delete them.

What is more concerning is the fact that Facebook gathers all the data which are extracted using the algorithm and are further using them for serving customized advertisement. A common man can never understand the functioning of the machine learning algorithm and here, Facebook is unscrupulously taking advantage of such programs which may give rise to a daunting situation in future.