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Now you can purchase Android apps from Google’s Local shops

Now you can purchase Android apps from Google’s Local shops

Many of us are doubtful about storing credit card details on the mobile phone for purchasing any app. Although it is one of the easiest ways of purchasing the apps where the amount gets automatically deducted from the credit card once the download process is completed.

But since many of us are reluctant about purchasing through credit card, Google has found a better option for making a payment once you purchase the app. Now, you can purchase the app using a new feature called “pending transactions”.

If any user is willing to purchase an app from Google Play Store, then one payment code will be generated which they need to take to Google’s local retail shop and make the payment in cash. Once the payment is processed the app will automatically get downloaded in their device.

According to Aurash Mahbod, the director of engineering for Google’s Play store, this is another new kind of delayed payment, just like cash, bank transfer, and direct debit. And, any kind of refund will be received by the user in credit form where the user can use it to purchase any other app in the future.

Although Google’s Android phone has the maximum number of users worldwide still it is unable to compete with the revenue generated by Apple’s App Store.

With this latest feature, Google is expecting to bridge any kind of gap between the user and the apps they purchase as many people find it easier to use their cash instead of the credit card.