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Now Data Transmission to your new iPhone is an easy task

Now Data Transmission to your new iPhone is an easy task

No longer need to be dependent on a cable or iCloud to transmit data from your old iPhone to a new one.

There is good news for iPhone users, especially those who are planning to buy a new model. The updated version of iOS 12.4 will have a new iPhone set up preference.

If you wish to transmit data from one phone to another then you can do it smoothly without using iCloud platform nor do you need any local cable to do so. All you need is both the phone to run iOS12.4 or later version for enabling the data migration process.

iOS 12.4 version was updated on July 22nd 2019. So all the new phones releasing after August 2019 will be having 12.4 version or later version. So without any doubt in mind, you will be able to transfer data seamlessly.

Now the question that arises is how are you going to do that?

You just need both the handsets to be placed nearby to start the process quickly. Then just confirm your Apple ID and blindly follow the necessary steps. Then simply enter the password of your existing phone on the new phone and activate the Touch ID or Face ID.

Once you finish the above set up you will get the option of transmitting data which can be done either through iCloud (which you were doing till date) or directly. Select the direct option to transfer data into the new phone.

Choosing the direct transfer option can help you to avoid iCloud totally and this is useful when your iCloud storage is almost full. Since there remains no enough space for a complete back up of data. However, opting for direct transfer is quite helpful since it copies the data as iTunes encoded backup and are transferred using a wireless connection.

But don’t worry much if it takes a longer time to transfer your data. Since the time taken for such transfers is usually dependent on the connection you are using and the total data you want to transfer. Also, while you start the transfer process your phone will be in the unusable mode so better do it as per your convenient time.

You can also facilitate the transfer process using wired connection too. You simply need to join USB3 Camera Adapter to your new phone and connect both the device using Lightning cable. Simply connect the end of the cable with the camera adapter and the Lighting port with the lightning connector of the existing phone. After completing the setup data can be transferred through the wire.

But if you are having iCloud storage problem then the best idea is to use the direct transfer process.