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No more flaking around using Google Paid Ads

No more flaking around using Google Paid Ads

Many advertisers never mind paying extra to improve their brand visibility online. This is what made Google paid ads quite popular over the time where the advertisers easily got the opportunity to appear on the top page of Google search by paying Google. But things will not be the same any more. Why? Continue reading to know the reason.

Paid Ad is quite a popular marketing tool among entrepreneurs who wishes to improve brand visibility within a short time. Moreover, establishing a brand reputation using this tool is easier relatively compared to organic search results since advertisers never have to go through any complex verification process.

However, things were very different for political advertisers where they had to go through a stringent verification process before choosing Paid Ads to improve their visibilities. But soon this verification process will be the same for all.

With the sudden outbreak of pandemic Coronavirus many scammers, grifters and conspiracy theorist have been taken advantage of Paid Ads for fooling web browsers, around the globe. To have control of such advertisers and their malpractices, Google will be vetting advertisers who wish to take advantage of Paid ads.

How things will alter?

Through this verification process, Google will not only be able to keep a close watch on every sinner, but it will also help people to discover the persons behind such advertisements. This way, transparency will be maintained, and people will not be prey to false ads.

What’s in the rule?

According to the new rule settled by Google, advertisers need to submit verification details which include their identification numbers or business establishment document to prove their identity, the country they belong to and the kind of business they are operating.

So far, Google has successfully verified details of politicians in 30 countries, and now the same rule will be operational for advertisers. And to those who have already started taking the benefits from paid ads, needs to follow the two-step authentication process to continue presenting ads on Google search result page.