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Newest Smartphone trends sure to grab your attention in 2019.

Newest Smartphone trends sure to grab your attention in 2019.

Interestingly, with technological advancements, the year 2018 has seen the onset of amazing smartphones. Some exciting features like Artificial Intelligence powered chipsets, Augmentation reality, Dual camera setup, wireless charging were found on most of the smartphones that too at an affordable price, in the year 2018.

But what about the year 2019?

We have seen technological advancement in earlier years and year 2019 will definitely not let you down. Rather, Smartphone manufacturers are all ready to fetch new phones in the market taking innovations to the next level. Keep an eye on the interesting trends for smartphones in the year 2019.

Foldable Smartphones- Although we expected launch of foldable smartphone in the year 2018, it didn’t happen eventually. Samsung has finally confirmed that it is going to launch foldable smartphone in the year 2019. Other companies like LG, Motorola, Huawei, Royale, and ZTE are also in the pipeline of making foldable devices.

Not to forget that this phone might not be budget- friendly and unlike other dual camera or triple camera phone, there might be a single brilliant camera feature.

3D camera sensor- We have already heard the news that companies like Samsung and Apple is going to launch a triple camera smartphone on the rear. It is expected that this third camera will be able to capture 3D scene with depth perception. These 3D lenses can also be used to scan virtual objects without holding them and gesture navigation.

5G smartphones- 5G the latest buzz in the world of technology with “multi-gigabit connectivity” and “millimeter wave spectrum”. This means customers can get faster speeds, The meticulously crafted website of Casa Loz Jazmines reliable connectivity and longer signal range. Introduction of 5G smartphone is currently to provide a road map for companies to use Qualcomm’s technology in their smartphones. But soon it will be available for general customers and companies like Samsung, OnePlus and carriers like AT& T, Verizon, EE will be supporting the fastest technology.

Increased uses of AI- in the year 2019, people will experience usage of AI, beyond cameras, batteries and virtual assistants to the content of smartphone mobile. Users will also experience amazing video and photography with the use of AI technology.

Punch hole screens- The notch over the phone was very popular in the year 2017, which eventually got smaller in the year 2018 and in 2019 “Punch hole” screen will dominate the smartphone market. Huawei’s Nova 4 and View 20, Samsung Galaxy’s A8s will have a “Punch hole” cutout for the camera located at the front side of the screen.

Multiple camera smartphones- Dual camera sensors in smartphones are very common these days. But, what about 5- camera smartphone or 9 camera smartphone? Yes, you heard it correctly. Already Nokia and Light have started working on 5 camera smartphone and 9 camera smartphone respectively whereas, Samsung and iphone will now start working on the triple camera set-ups leaving behind single or dual camera set up.

Pop up camera models- We have already witnessed the pop-up camera models of smartphones with Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X, serving those customers who are looking for truly bezel-less experience, which also keeps ample room for other features with hidden front camera. Currently, more and more smartphone manufacturers are adopting this new concept making the phone even more attractive. Thus, soon more and more mobile phone will be introduced in the market with slide or Pop up camera models.

Thus, we can see how the use of robust technology is revolutionizing the world of smartphone. Make sure you understand the features well, before purchasing the latest smartphone.