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New content filter feature on Spotify’s Family Plan

New content filter feature on Spotify’s Family Plan

Monitor the songs your kids are listening by purchasing Spotify Family plan.

The popularity of Spotify is everywhere and even the minors enjoy listening to the songs and podcasts. But many times being a parent you don’t want your children to listen to certain songs because of the content it includes. Well, there is good news for you then.

Soon, Spotify will be rolling out a plan exclusively for the parents who wants to have parental control on the songs played. It also includes another feature called “Family Mix” where the entire family can access the list of the personalized song. The songs can be updated regularly and interestingly you will get an idea about who is listening to the songs and put an end to the songs which you think might not be suitable for the person who is listening.

This parental control will be given to the user who has purchased the “Family Plan” subscription and holds the master account. Even if you are a sub-account holder you cannot turn yourselves to a master holder without the given password.

If you feel like deleting or adding names then you can easily do it by reaching the Family Hub section. However, up to six people can be added to the “Family Plan” and can be purchased for $15 every month.

Again there is one underlying condition given by Spotify for purchasing the Family Plan subscription. You must make sure that all the members are lying under the same roof. The company will be performing the verification test to ensure this subscription plan is not misused.