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Most Important Google Website Ranking Factors of 2023

Most Important Google Website Ranking Factors of 2023

Are you keen on Google website ranking factors? Did you know that the most popular search engine on the planet, Google, has over 200 ranking factors?

Yes, Google dominates search engines like Bing and Yahoo with over 5 billion searches every day. Therefore, the urge to rank higher on Google’s SERPs is natural.

But with the changing trends in search engine optimization (SEO), it can be hard to cope up with the changes.

That is why we have this list of the top 5 most important Google website ranking factors in 2023:
Let’s dive deeper. Shall we?

Top 5 most important Google website ranking factors in 2023

When it comes to ranking higher on Google’s SERPs, many website owners want to know all of the ranking factors.
But what if we told you, you only need to know these 5 factors?

To solve your problems, we have enlisted the most important Google website ranking factors.

Content is King!

You have heard this a lot of times or read in articles that content is king. In the case of Google’s ranking factors, it is the king!
If you create high-quality content that is unique, fresh, and helpful for the users, then Google will rank your content higher on its SERPs.
Google prioritizes the quality of content, regardless of how optimized your site is if your content does not fulfil the necessary guidelines of Google, you will not get a good ranking. Period!
Now you may ask, what is quality content for Google?
Well, Google prioritizes content that is new and unique. It should add value to the readers’ experience and most importantly, it has to be original.
Another way of boosting the quality of your content is by keeping it fresh and updated.
One of the many questions that we have come across is whether or not the length of your content affects your Google ranking on its SERPs.
Well, the answer is, yes.
Based on different studies, content length impacts your position on Google’s SERPs. On average, posts with 1,890 words rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs.
With that being said, there is no hard-and-fast rule of sticking to a specific word limit while writing. The best way to look at this is by creating content that has depth and can fully answer the questions of the user.
If your blog posts are not well structured and organized, you will rank lower on Google’s SERPs. This happens because Google doesn’t want to rank pages higher that are not well-structured and organized, thus preventing a bad user experience.


After content, second comes backlinks. Since backlinks are a crucial part of Google’s ranking algorithm, Google’s web crawlers index your content by the backlinks provided by you.
Content and backlinks are the flip sides of the same coin, one can not exist without the other! This means that if your content’s website does not have any backlinks you will not get any organic traffic.
Now the question arises, how are backlinks crucial to your website’s SEO?
Google counts the number of backlinks as votes and considers whether it can rank your website in the top 10 results.
If you can acquire backlinks from high-authority websites, you will be boosting your chances of ranking higher. Since the acquisition of these links is like a signal to Google that your content is trustworthy and other websites are rooting for it, you will eventually get a higher ranking on Google’s SERPs. So, keep on acquiring backlinks until you rank on Google’s first pages.

The intention of Search:

Another crucial ranking factor for Google is to search for intent matching. Search intent is the thing that a user looks for in your content.
Every single keyword is different on Google and you are required to comprehend the why behind that query. Search intent also shows the position of your visitors in their buyer journey.
Ask these questions and if you can answer them properly then you know the search intent.
Are they looking for basic info about your products and services?
Are they looking for a tutorial or a how-to article?
Or, are they in the final stage of their buyer journey and want to purchase your products?
Now, you are supposed to match your content according to the answers to these questions and get going into creating the content people are on the lookout for.

Loading Speed of your Website:

You have to focus on your page’s loading speeds and optimize them accordingly since from May 2021, Google is going to include loading speed into its Core Web Vitals.
Core Web Vitals are a set of rules that Google will use to determine whether your website is worthy of ranking on Google’s SERPs.
The page’s loading speed, responsiveness, and the speed with which each element like fonts and images load – all will be considered in ranking your website. Google wants the users to get the optimum user experience so that your website loads faster and doesn’t annoy them.

Mobile Friendliness:

If your website is optimized for mobile, then your site is going to rank higher than other not-so-mobile-friendly websites.
Ever since Google went mobile-first in 2019, Google expects your website to be mobile-responsive. Now, you may ask what is mobile-first?
Well, the answer is as simple as it gets, Google will now use your website’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. With over 3 billion mobile users on the planet, it is no surprise that Google took this decision.
Therefore, if you want to boost your chances of ranking higher on Google’ SERPs, it ‘tis time to make your website mobile-friendly.


These are the top 5 most important Google website ranking factors in 2023. Now that you have come this far, you are left with two choices: You can follow these guidelines and optimize your website for higher ranking on your own or you can hire a website development company that specializes in content marketing and SEO.

The first option is time-consuming and all the efforts needed will result in high costs as well. The second option is cost-effective and time is bounded by deadlines since you are working with experts.

Why not speed up the process by reaching out to the expert developers of Esolz Technologies? We are committed to our work and will offer you top-notch service at the best price guaranteed.