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The Mobile App Sales Funnel: How To Benefit From It

The Mobile App Sales Funnel: How To Benefit From It

When it comes to increasing sales or generating leads, mobile apps are excellent tools. However, before developing a mobile app, you must have a clear understanding of the mobile app sales funnel.

What is it exactly?

The mobile app sales funnel is mainly a conversion funnel that consists of a series of steps that describe the customer’s journey. We have discussed everything you need to know about mobile app sales funnels in this article. To learn how you can utilize the sales funnel data of your mobile app for business growth, continue reading.

Mobile app sales funnel: In brief

This refers to the various parts of the mobile app’s interface that engage users and encourage them to take conversion-related actions. A potential customer moves into the customer relationship and retention stage after discovering an app. Nevertheless, this happens only after the customer has moved through the stages of consideration and conversion.

The tactics used in the mobile app sales funnel easily differentiates it from other marketing funnels. After all, by utilizing the various features that the apps have to offer to engage with customers, marketers may undoubtedly achieve their intended results. As a result, guiding customers through the sales funnels differs from other conventional marketing strategies.

Various stages of the mobile app sales funnel

The success of your business app depends on understanding each stage of its sales funnel. That’s why the leading mobile app development services providers in India analyze each stage to develop an impactful app. To know more about the various stages of the sales funnel have a look at the following points.

Stage 1: Finding out and exposure:

The first step in the sales or marketing funnel for your app is to figure out how to stand out from the countless other apps that are similar to it. The success of the app ultimately rests on whether consumers choose to download it. What matters most is how many people will download your app overall. The marketers must therefore make sure to promote app discoverability and awareness.

The tactics at this stage to ensure that your app is successfully found and downloaded are listed below.

Organic ways:

There are some organic ways to promote your mobile app and listed below are a few of them.

  • App store optimization(ASO):
    By using this technique, your app will appear higher in the app store’s search results. Additionally, it is a powerful approach for getting consumers to notice your newly launched app. If you want to use this technique effectively, make sure the icon is appealing and that the name contains a prominent keyword.
  • Word of mouth:
    This is one of the tried-and-true marketing strategies that will effectively promote your app. You may leverage it for greater results by incentivizing users to share your apps and providing them with rewards. To encourage users to get others to download your app, you can also incorporate other exciting rewards.
  • Social media platforms:
    Utilize multiple social media sites to promote your mobile app swiftly. Your official social media page is one of the quickest ways to market your app and draw in your target market.

Paid promotion:

Below are the methods of marketing your apps that are completely paid.

  • Affiliate marketing:
    To integrate highlighted widgets on other platforms, advertisers must sign up for an ad network. The affiliates must pay fees to the affiliates for each download. The free version of affiliate marketing works for all of your apps.
  • App installs ads:
    Additionally, you can select app install ads from a variety of social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and others. Paid advertisements are moreover accessible even for the Google Play store. Reaching your target audience is much simpler as a result.

Stage 2: Consideration:

At this point, all of your efforts should be directed toward winning the users’ trust. A user’s decision to download your app or not is influenced by its rating and reviews. To reap the rewards, take into account the following:

  • The app page in the app stores:
    You must not forget to include reviews and feedback that you have received from the users. Include a promotional video as well to give users a chance to see the kind of experience your app can genuinely deliver.
  • Ratings and reviews:
    Effective techniques are required if you want your apps to receive high ratings. The ranking and reviews ultimately determine whether downloading your software is worthwhile. Encourage users of the app to share with others their wonderful experiences. Additionally, always remember to respond to negative reviews by pledging to make the required changes.

Stage 3: Conversion:

A conversion happens when a user downloads an application, registers, makes an in-app purchase or creates an account. You must take the following actions to increase conversion:

  • Build a user-friendly app:
    When installing or using the app, users shouldn’t experience any problems. Therefore, ensure that your app’s onboarding process is seamless. By doing this, you can guarantee that users have a positive first-time experience, which is crucial for improving conversion rates.
  • Make it attractive:
    Since aesthetically appealing apps are undoubtedly necessary to grab users’ attention, the design of the app is equally important. The user interface (UI) design must be created in a way that people may easily engage with the app.

Stage 4: Building relationships with customers

Your relationship with the users of the app will also affect its success. Therefore, keeping up with existing consumers is just as crucial as acquiring new ones. That’s why it is absolutely important to communicate with the customers actively.

Following are the ways that can help build positive relationships with your customers.

  • Encourage your customers to share feedback. Inquire about the type of improvement they feel you should make.
  • Sending personalized messages to your customers is another useful method. Therefore, you can simply use the data of your customers to send personalized messages.

Stage 5: Customer Retention

It frequently happens that many users just decide to stop using the app and uninstall it even after logging in. As a result, keeping customers is undoubtedly a highly challenging task for your business. To help you with this work, let’s share a few useful tips with you now.

  • Updated content:
    The content of your app has the power to keep the clients engaged. At the same time, it is also true that updating your app’s content is also not easy. But again you need to provide something new so that users don’t find your app monotonous. This will also help you in customer retention.
  • Sending push notifications:
    Sending reminders to your app’s users to come back is also necessary. That’s why you can also send push notifications. This is certainly another effective way to retain customers.

Importance of mobile app sales funnel analysis

It is certainly important for the success of your mobile app to get the data received from mobile app funnel analysis. The following are the reasons why the mobile app sales funnel is important:

  • To find the most efficient funnel entry point and the entry point that requires improvement.
  • To identify the most efficient user path to achieve a particular sales objective
  • The trouble spots in the funnels where users are leaving.


Hopefully, you have found this article informative enough to help you understand what the mobile app sales funnel is. You must understand each step perfectly before you hire a mobile app development services provider in India to develop a business app.