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App Promoting Strategies to Boost Your Online Business

App Promoting Strategies to Boost Your Online Business

The stupendous out-turns of mobile app development have left the entire world slack-jawed with awe. It’s a fact that over the past few years, a mobile phone has transformed from being a mere mode of interaction to a hyperactive way of living. With an inexplicable upsurge in mobile technologies, the popularity of mobile apps has taken off with a renewed gusto. Given this scenario, you should have your own mobile app if you want your online business to make a mark in today’s cut-throat market. Once David Allan Coe had rightly stated, “it’s not always the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will ultimately stand the test of time!” This quote beautifully denotes the significance of a sturdy foundation in a building’s construction. If the foundation is adequately strong it will add to the longevity of a building, and vice versa. Similarly, if you want to strengthen your app’s foundation, you must empower its promotional strategies. But nothing comes without a price, and hence you must vest mammoth efforts to build great promotional strategies for your app. In this blog, we have come up with a bunch of tried and tested app promoting strategies that don’t even require you to spend a single penny! Brace up to promote your app for free –

Tap into your potential customers:-

No matter how excellent you claim your app to be, if you are not bringing it to your audiences’ focus, it will fail to cause a stirring ripple among the users. Hence, soon after building your mobile app, you should indulge in a thorough tête-à-tête with your intended audiences, thereby getting them acquainted with your app. Begin by creating a list of your previous customers, who have been consistently relying on your brand/services for ages. They could be the best potential audiences to be introduced to your mobile application. Call them up or send them emails asking for their valuable time to take the discussion to the next level. To cajole your audiences to take a part in this discussion, you might provide them with a bunch of lucrative discounts or offers. Once you successfully draw their attention, ask them to share their feedback on your app. Their recommendations will help you a lot in upgrading your app. Your customers are the backbone of your brand, and hence, you should keep them engaged through every process of your mobile app development.

Your mobile website should be upgraded:-

You are living under a rock if you still lack a responsive or mobile-friendly website. Brace up and get a mobile-friendly website done, as it can help a lot in promoting your app. Make sure to create a specific section on your website to spread more information about your app. You may choose the midsection of your website or the farther corner of the screen to include the necessary information about your app. You may place your app details solely on your website as well. Get a pop-up page display to know if someone has visited your website. This way, your mobile app will be the very first thing that will catch your visitors’ attention. The pop-up page will be a reminder, which you must have in your mobile app. Your audiences will be given both the options of downloading your app or continuing to your responsive website.

Reap the benefits of social media networking:-

Social media is all about connecting with people from all across the globe. Hence, you must rely on Social media’s efficacy in connectivity to promote your app for free. There are several social media podiums e.g. Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. via which you can maximize your app’s visibility. Join different social media groups and communities, and ask the users to share their valuable opinions on your app. Provide them with free promo codes to try out. Ensure that you shed a light on the latest features, bug fixes, current updates of your app before asking them for their opinions. This way, you can procure opportunities galore to promote your app for free. Being one of the most popular social media network sites, Pinterest can allow your intended users to share as well as discover the pinning videos and snaps on their own as well as on others’ boards. One of the prime motifs of Pinterest is to showcase the best of what you could discover over the web into the categorized boards. Seeing the unprecedented upsurge in Pinterest’s popularity, we can say that by posting your app details on it, you can increase its popularity to a great extent.

Introduce your app via your content:-

As “content is the king”, you can rely on its efficacy to promote your app. Besides including your mobile app on your website, make sure to add the essential details of your app in your blogs as well. It is another amazing strategy to empower your app’s promotional game. A complete blog post on your mobile app can help you cajole your audiences to download it. Hire the best bloggers/content writer in town to develop unique and engaging content on your app. Ask them to tell your audiences how they can get benefited from your app. To provide your audiences with a better understanding, you may include your app links, video clips, and screenshots on your website as well.

Shed a light on your app details via a demo video:-

Let’s face up to the fact – the videos are the ideal podium for you to shed a light on the nitty-gritty aspects of your mobile app. Keep the content of your video catchy enough to draw the attention of your audiences. Appoint a team of talented professionals to bring your video content together. With aid of their collective minds, you can carry out this project with way more finesse. Your demo video should be uploaded every week so that your audiences don’t miss out on any of the latest updates of your app by any chance. Once you are done with making your demo video, you must take the help of your Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platforms to promote your app. You might include your demo video clip via your Instagram, blogs, or YouTube channels.

Provide constant updates of your app:-

Your customers should know that you are always making ample efforts to modify your app. The mobile apps that are not coming up with constant upgrades will lose their popularity eventually. The users might feel bad about the fact if you are not taking any initiative to better your app’s features. Keep the content of your mobile app unique and 100% engaging to let your customers know that you are always attempting to better its features and functionalities.

Don’t overlook the power of SEO:-

As per the best mobile app development hub, SEO plays a crucial role in making your app’s popularity to a new level. To reap the best benefits of SEO, ensure that you identify the “best-targeted” keywords, which you are looking to rank for. Don’t forget to analyze those keywords your app is presently ranking on. You might create a bunch of potential links to improve rankings. To spread the essential information of your app, you may opt for a PR kit, which should be comprised of an app summary guideline, press release, screenshots, design collateral, intro video clips et al.

App store optimization is mandated:-

App store optimization holds tremendous importance for App Store and Google Play. Just like SEO, app store optimization can also emphasize search relevance, keyword density, and keyword relevance in your depiction. With aid of your app description, you can bring in an unprecedented tweak in your app marketing efforts.

Use emails to feature your app:-

Your mobile app should be integrated into every aspect of your marketing strategies. And this includes your emails too. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s one part of your job to send emails to people from all walks of life. Not including your app in those emails could be a golden opportunity missed out non-deliberately! Any mail which is sent out from your tech support/newsletter/ payment confirmation team should have a footer section, where you must provide a catchy one-liner ad of your app. Another brilliant technique to promote your app is to incorporate your app links in your email signatures. It works like wonders!

Build a compelling app icon:-

When done with utmost matriculation and creativity, a compelling app icon stands out in a jiffy! To make your app icon stand out from the rest, make sure to pick out a unique shaped icon, which you think will grab attention instantly. Play with a limited color pallet, as too many hues can break the image of your app icon. Avoid using an image as it looks too OTT! Last but not the least, let your innovation speak the volume in adding panache to your app icon.

Achieve your goals via alternative app stores:-

To promote your app successfully, you must push the boundaries of the conventional horizons like Google Play, App Store, etc. and tilt your attention a little towards some alternative app stores including SlideMe, AppsLib, Amazon Appstore, Opera Mobile Store, AppBrain et al. As per the experts, when an app is uploaded on some budding stores, it can maximize the download anticipation at least 200% more than Google Play Store.

Download links to your app must be proffered:-

It is not a hard nut to crack to hand each of your visitors with a business card for promoting your business/brand. Make sure to provide the download links of your app on your business cards, so the path to connect your intended audiences to your mobile app could become easier. Not just the business cards, but each of your marketing tools like emails, website, etc. could become the ideal podium to contain your app’s download links. Keep it in mind peeps.

Wrapping up:-

As now you have gathered all essential info to promote your app, you can brace up to help it reach the ladder of popularity minus any hassle. Make sure to appoint the best mobile app development hub in town for grabbing further assistance in this regard. Happy reading!