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Messenger Kids’ app typically designed for kids of all age By Facebook

Messenger Kids’ app typically designed for kids of all age By Facebook

Smartphones have taken the limelight from quite a long time, with which every individual is hooked up,regardless of their age. Gradually, monitoring the kids and restricting them from accessing social networking sites is becoming difficult. Which is the reason Facebook has launched Messenger Kids especially designed for kids to remain connected with their friends and family members, amidst the pandemic coronavirus and allowing parents at the same time to have control on the various activities of their kids.

How different is this app?

Since this app has been specially designed for kids, to remain connected with their near and dear ones, to avoid any privacy issue, Facebook has introduced three new option.

Firstly, it will allow parents to supervise the friend list. So, parents can easily edit it by adding, removing, accepting or rejecting any friend. For every new friending action taken by the kids, their parents will be alerted and this will allow the parents to take the final decision using Parent dashboard.

Secondly, parents can pass control of adding new friends to other adults if they wish. This will be beneficial for teachers or trainers who wishes to form a group and carry on any conversation with the entire group.

Thirdly, parents can put a restriction on their kid’s photograph and name that appear on the app, by making it visible to chosen users.


This messenger kids’ app has already rolled out for kids in the US, Latin America and Canada, and soon it will be rolling to 75 more countries. The major advantage of this using app is that kids can always stay connected with their friends. Simultaneously, it will allow parents to keep a check on the action of their kids and also protect them from connecting to strangers.

So, don’t worry if your kids start using Messenger kids as you can always have parental control over it to keep them safe from any hidden danger online.