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Many of us are still reluctant to use cloud. Know the reasons behind

Many of us are still reluctant to use cloud. Know the reasons behind

At a stage when we all are gorging on new technologies and innovations, we are still very much hesitant to use Cloud.

Well, I am not talking about the cloud that we see in the sky and create a world of imaginary figures. I am discussing the Platform where we can store all of our data or rather we can use it to provide a back-up of all necessary information.

Most of the mobile applications and businesses are dependent on Cloud Platform for storing all the information. Still, Cloud has created very less impact on many of the common people. Although it is absolutely our personal decision whether to use or not to use cloud, still there is no harm in gaining knowledge about the cost efficient tools which can help us in the long run.

A company which doesn’t make use of this convenient digital platform might get affected in future by taking extra hours in collecting the necessary data. If large number of consumers remain ignorant about this then we can never get benefitted from it. Rather, we must learn how to make use of modern technologies for survival factor.

I am not here to change your views, but tell you why cloud is unsung by many of us.

Lack of understanding: Till dates many of us have not got a clear picture of Cloud Platform. People are getting wrong idea that their data are processed and stored which further can be retrieved by anyone, from any device who knows the process to access it.

But the reality is something different. A Cloud Platform is actually run on the internet and not by any local software or device. If data or files are stored in any Cloud platform, that actually means you are paying the business owner, whose data center is being used by you to store the information. Without getting authorization it is actually impossible to access any information. Once you start accessing the information, you have to keep in mind that we are calling information from the data center and accessing them locally.

Getting clear picture about Cloud platform is necessary to further carry on the process of storing data and to get more precise information in the future.

Strong desire to control data: Since data has become an important part of our everyday life, it is very important to safeguard those informations. Data can be of various types- from maintaining spreadsheets to excel sheets, to keep a track of the company’s account or a CRM platform to store all the client’s information.
The constant fear of copying and hacking of file is digging many of the consumers from inside, making their desire even stronger to control the data. When information are stored in a pen drive or hard drive they feel much more secured while accessing them online.

To overcome such fear is very difficult but business personnel can also store all necessary information in a local hard drive along with Cloud Platform for added security.

Constant fear of peeping eyes: Since data are stored in a third party business owner’s data center constant fear of retrieving those files by hackers works in the customer’s mind. Most of the Cloud services companies offers baseline level of security while encoding the data to diminish the fear of data breaching. But still, data breaching takes place and one cannot completely control it. This kind of hacking can take place even from local hard drives as well, if hacker gets access to the username and the password of the device.

Every system is intrinsically vulnerable and nothing is impossible in this world. , for added security we can protect our data by procuring additional security before encoding the data like frequent change of password, choosing strong passwords using special characters and numbers.

Dependability on the internet: To utilize the Cloud platform one needs to be dependent on the internet. Without internet access it is impossible to get access to any data.

But, it is not always possible to get internet connection everywhere we go even if you get it many a time the connections are not secured. Thus, it prevents you from using any apps or from securing any information you need, thus wasted both your time and day. Although currently the companies owning the cloud platform have got temporary solution of accessing the files for a limited time period in case of absence of data.

Human perception: Success of any technology or innovation is measured by how we as a human being accepted them. Those technologies which are gladly used by everyone becomes talk of the town and those which are not accepted by everyone tends to wind up inside the four walls.

The same way if we think rationally and look at both- Cloud Platform and local hard drive we will find the advantages of using Cloud Platform is more than the advantages of using Local hard drive. Nowadays, there is a rising demand of using Cloud Platform. One really cannot escape from using it and of course it is a good signal that we are contentedly making use of the latest technology. But, one need to have a clear picture about Cloud computing.