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Google Sodar Helps Android Users To Maintain Social Distancing. Read How?

The impact of Novel Coronavirus is horrendous and maintaining social distancing is the only we can confine dispersion of this pandemic disease. Now, Google is up with a solution that can help us in maintaining social distancing.

Surprised to hear that? Well, you shouldn’t be! Why? Read it yourself.

Augmented Reality is always beneficial in solving human problems by facilitating interaction with the real world using AI for recognizing images and transforming a 2D image into a 3Done. So utilizing this technology to maintain social distancing is not an impossible task.

Although this project is considered to be an experimental one but a two-meter or six feet ring can be formed using your smartphone. Since lockdown throughout the year is impossible as it is throwing major challenges to the country’s economic paradigm, using such technology will help people to measure 6 feet for maintaining distancing.

Another interesting fact you must not miss out is that you don’t need to install Sodar anywhere. All you need to do is visit the website using Chrome browser on your Android Phone and start taking advantage of it. This technologymight not be compatible with just any Android phone but earlier if you have ever used your phone for viewing AR projects of Google, you can surely use Sodar from your device for maintaining distancing.