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Look what Samsung upcoming phone has to offer!

Look what Samsung upcoming phone has to offer!

Smartphones have been driving the world crazy because of the availability of the front camera feature for people to take perfect selfies. The introduction of the pop-up camera has added extra icing on the cake, and that is why people have been going gaga over OnePlusand similar other phones which includes this special feature. Now any time soon, you may find Samsung competing with its rivals by introducing this special camera feature on its phones.

It’s never too late to give it a start. Samsung has always been popular for some of its great features especially for its astounding camera feature rendering some of the amazing pictures. However, it is yet to deliver what OnePlus7 Pro phone or Oppo Reno phone has been offering till date which is the front-facing pop-up camera feature.

But don’t worry as things will change soon. Samsung has started working on this pop-up camera feature. Although the detailing of the upcoming phone is yet to be announced, one thing the company want us to be sure of is the pricing of the phone. It is likely to be budget-friendly, quite similar to mid-range Galaxy A series and will include features like the fingerprint reader on the rear side and trio rear camera with a 6.5- inch display screen.

The selfie camera is supposed to pop-up from the top brink of the phone and will add slight bezels on the top and sides of the phone. It will also include USB type C port and will be without any headphone jack. However, its accuracy will be confirmed only after it is released. Till then, we must hold on and enjoy the phone we are using currently.

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