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Look how Messenger Rooms’ popularity will outgrow Zoom?

Look how Messenger Rooms’ popularity will outgrow Zoom?

Excessive use of video calling itself is proof of how we are handling our relationship. Recent times when we are locked down at home because of the outbreak of Pandemic Coronavirus, it is the video call with our dear ones that are making us alive. Now, to give a better experience to users, Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms’, its newest video meeting app.

To beat the overgrowing popularity of group video calling app Zoom, Facebook has rolled a new app called Messenger Rooms’, expanding the horizon of group video calling.

The key advantage of this app is that it can facilitate up to 50 people to get united for the video conferencing. Interestingly, you don’t need to invite each friend individually. Being a Facebook User you can simply ask friends to get connected by posting the link in their Event page, Group page or even in News Feed section.

How different it is from the Messenger app, we are using currently?

Yeah, it is quite different from the messenger app we are using. Unlike messenger app, which is already popular among Facebook user, participants of Messenger Rooms’ don’t need to be a Facebook user. Only by creating an account on Facebook, anyone can join for video conferencing. And for those who don’t have a Facebook account can even join the video conferencing through web browsers.

The popularity of zoom has grabbed the attention of nearly 300 million people, where they are actively using this platform and scheduling video conferencing. Whereas, till date, nearly 700 million people have been regularly making video calls on WhatsApp and Messenger app where the limitation in the number of people to join group call was up to four, will now be increased to eight. So, this is indeed good news for Messenger app users and WhatsApp users.

This time Facebook is targeting more people to use Messenger Rooms’ thereby, creating a Buzz.

What about its security flaws?

Hopefully, this will be more secured than Zoom. Zoom is not considered to be a secured platform as it has many glitches allowing intruders to collect the necessary information. Whereas, Messenger Rooms’ is expected to have default settings for protecting the video calls, bidding goodbye to intruders. Hosts can lock the room if they wish during video conferencing to restrict new participants from joining the group call.

So get ready to use the Messenger Rooms’ as soon it will be available to the world, giving a more seamless experience to video callers, encouraging them to stay safe at home and at the same time remain connected with their beloved ones.