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How To Design The Location Page Of Your Business

How To Design The Location Page Of Your Business

If you own a business that exists in multiple locations, adding location pages to your website is essential. It is because location pages help the website get better leads from search engines, as search engines get a better understanding of your business location. the Location page also helps the users to get the most out of the website’s content.

So, designing an effective location page is important for your business. Continue reading to know more about the location page and how to design it.

What is a location page?

The location page of a website is mainly a landing page that includes all the business-related information. The information that this page includes mainly highlights your business location or service areas. A location page is a great help for boosting your local SEO and thus it becomes easier for your audience to find you.

Including a location, page means helping Google to display your business when someone looks for businesses near their location.

Importance of having a location page

Check out the below points that will help you understand why it is important to have a location page.

  • It helps to show up your business for local searches for your service area or location.
  • In case you have multiple locations, building a location page will help improve your SEO. After all, these are geographically-specific elements of local SEO strategy.
  • For each location, there should be separate landing pages that will help boost your local SEO.

Some useful tips to design your location page

The purpose of designing a good location page is to boost lead generation and conversion rate. Therefore, take a look at the following ideas, which the leading website design service providers in India would always recommend.

NAP is important:

When you start designing your location page make sure you don’t ignore mentioning the name, address, and phone number. Therefore NAP(Name, Address, and Phone number) is a vital part of your location page. Sharing this particular piece of information makes sure you maintain similarity across all the platforms. So, carefully check your website, Google Business Profile listing, also other virtual directories and share the correct information.

Prepare a clear page:

Visitors must not find any difficulty while finding out your location page. That’s why it has to be appropriately linked to the home page. You can also take advantage of the blog posts to provide the link to your location page. At the end of the post, you must mention something catchy that encourages the visitors to check your location page.


Your page must make the visitors feel special, and that’s how personalization can assist. So, you must consider including a common and local landmark image. Besides, sharing community events or personal notes can also be useful for engaging local audiences. The purpose of all these is to give it a local feel, which makes engaging the local visitors less challenging.

Location-based keywords are necessary:

Choosing the right keyword for your location page is a must just like any other page of your website. According to reputable local SEO service providers in India choosing a unique and location-specific keyword is a must. As per them the title, H1 heading, URL of every page and also the meta description must include this keyword. Search engines need to identify the location of your business, and this keyword will surely help. If it’s a service area business, your keyword should be the name of your city.

Also, you must highlight your service areas on your location page. If you don’t have a physical office, you must include service-area-specific keywords for each page.

It must be mobile-friendly:

The location page must be easily accessible from mobile devices to check the contact information of your business. After all, you cannot ignore the increasing number of mobile device users who use smartphones to browse your business-related information. Therefore, ensure that the location page is compatible with mobile devices.

Location-based content:

The keyword that you choose should be a part of your website content in a proper manner. In simple terms, you must not stuff the keywords in the content of your location page. Therefore, you must include the keywords organically while preparing the landing page.

Including the landmark can also be beneficial for your audience. Besides, while preparing your website content make sure that you include your unique selling propositions on your landing pages. Above all, you need to promote your business and explain how your services are different from your competitors.

Prepare relevant pages:

Whenever preparing a location page make sure that you are providing location-specific content for the audiences. Besides, the page must include proper CTAs and also visual content which your target audience will certainly appreciate.

Mention business hours:

Provide your business hours clearly on the location page and also keep it updated as it is vital information. If you have multiple business locations, individual business hours should be mentioned correctly on each page.

Include maps and directions:

The purpose of building your location page is to assist users to get in touch with you. Users need clear directions if your business has a physical location to get there. Therefore, include maps and directions to provide proper directions. Thus by embedding Google maps users can track your location, and find your store easily.

Reviews can be a part of it: You can use your location page to provide all the relevant information regarding your business which can help in conversion. Therefore, reviews can be a great element on your location page. After all, it will give your visitors an idea of the quality of your services. Also, attach your social media links on your location page to help your clients.


Hopefully, by now you have understood the importance of the location page and how to design it effectively to generate quality leads from search engines and improve the footfalls of the website.

So, do get in touch with the best website design company like Esolz Technologies, for a top-notch location page.