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Live Streaming of Different Programs is Now Available on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video typically developed, possessed, and operated by Amazon is incredibly popular, among the viewers for its popular movies and TV shows. But soon you may find live TV on Amazon Prime.

The popularity of Live TV channels is visible from the number of viewers viewing them every day on different platforms. But all this while Amazon was busy showing on-demand videos to entertain their users. Now to underpin its video service it is soon going to include live TV services.

And guess what? You can watch live TV anytime and every time as per your wish. Whether it is a sport, news or even movies, 24/7 feeds will always allow you to watch live streaming of different TV stations. Although this is not for the first time Amazon Prime Video is has added Live TV as earlier it has aired football games and news. But from now on, users would need to sign up for the channels they wish to watch through Channel feature.

Indeed it is a great way to attract and add new users to their customer’s list and giving hard competition to Sling TV and YouTube TV. Even if it doesn’t broadcast the equal number of channels asaired by YouTube, it will still be acknowledged by everybody, since this service is already a popular one.

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