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Let the Best Mobile App Development Hub Maximize Your App’s Retention Rate

Let the Best Mobile App Development Hub Maximize Your App’s Retention Rate

In the expanse of online marketing, the new-age aspirations have ventured quite beyond the conventional picket fences. With mobile interaction taking the front seat, it’s become a mandate for the millennial entrepreneurs to develop mobile apps for standing out amidst the competition. All set to launch your mobile application? Hold on! No matter how high your app store downloads seem to be, you should not stop trying to make things better. It’s a well-known fact that mobile apps are the integral parts of an online business, but it’s the premium apps that’s got the users hooked. According to the best of mobile app development companies, there are a lot more significant metrics, which you should take into consideration to ensure the overall success of your app. This is where the retention rate of mobile apps comes into play. Don’t know what does mobile app retention rate stand for? Delving in this following excerpt can help you resolve your queries –

What is mobile app retention rate?

A mobile app’s retention rate indicates the percentage of visitors that choose to stay active in an app post a certain time span. But, it does not refer to the chunk of users, who have uninstalled the mobile application either. Even the most minimal activities or response from the users’ end could be considered as a sign of their interests in a mobile app. While measuring your app’s retention rate, you must run the measurement for at least one week or so. For a weekly usage, the calculation should be adjusted accordingly. It will provide you with a curve with which you can demonstrate how impeccably your app has retained the users. If you find that your app has lost cent percent users within a span of a month, you should be cautious about your further moves.

Reasons for a plummeting mobile app retention rate:-

Before improving the situation, you should get acquainted with the issues that can plummet the retention rates of your app. Below are a bunch of issues, that can affect your app’s retention rates –

1. Your app fails at excelling at any one task:-

Bear the fact in your mind that the mobile users are not always intended to explore the nitty-gritty of your brand. The reason why they are downloading your app might be because they are looking to accomplish a task in a haste or with more ease. If your app fails to excel at any particular task, your visitors won’t be willing to stick around it for a longer time span.

2. Your app is crammed with too many features:-

Too many features on an app could be a deterrent to your intended mobile users. With the availability of too many features, your users might get confused while using your app. Make sure that you are not cluttering your app with too many features or options. Or otherwise, you may lose out on your potential users quite drastically.

3. Keep sloppy navigation at an arm’s length:-

Sloppy navigation is anything but a time-waster for the users. Your app’s navigation should be extremely easy and quick for the users. It must not take more than three or maximum steps for fetching the desired outcome.

4. Your app’s offering an incomplete experience:-

The expectation of your users will always remain high. Anything that is persuading your users to abandon your app is harmful to your brand’s further growth. A slow-loading page, obstructive pop-ups, outdated or cliched design, broken links/images, inadequate information, etc. can lead your app to receive negative remarks from your users’ ends. When you are building a mobile app, ensure that you running it in a full throttle. All the necessary information should be available. Every tab should be accessible. And, the page loading time should be faster than ever.

5. Those intrusive ads are derailing:-

Some things are as daunting as bumping into an ad, which is absolutely unwanted and unnecessary! Those intrusive ad pop-ups might have some monetary benefits, they could affect the user flow and try their patience to a great extent. Some ads might add to your profits, but by interrupting your users they could bring a serious toll on your brand’s growth.

6. Push notifications could piss your users off:-

When done wrong, the push notifications could be one the most irritating aspects of your mobile app. As per the best mobile app development hubs, push notifications are the most basic reasons why the users wish to uninstall an app. It does not mean that the push notifications are of no use, but implementing them incorrectly could have disastrous impacts on your business or sales growth.

In a nutshell:-

Even though improving an app’s retention rate is not an easy feat, keeping these above-mentioned glitches at bay, you can achieve success with ease. Ensure that you are eliminating the friction points and also building a product, which is engaging for your intended users. Owning an impressive onboarding procedure can also aid you in reaping the optimum benefits of your app.