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7 Significance Of Including A Landing Page In Your PPC Ads

7 Significance Of Including A Landing Page In Your PPC Ads

The landing page is a standalone web page specifically created for the target audience to visit your business and brand online. They are an essential part of digital marketing, especially for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad runs.

A landing page is very useful in concentrating the target audience’s focus to match their search queries. They act as a forefront for your business website by providing a quick insight into your brand, business objectives, what you are offering in the market, your products or services, and so on. From the landing page, your target audience can collect valuable information based on their search queries and thus engage with your brand.

The main purpose to create a distinct landing page apart from your website is to attract more traffic, generate leads and boost conversion rates. Here are some of the key points that you need to keep in mind while creating the landing page for your PPC campaigns-

  • Keep the landing page simple, relevant, and yet distinctive. This way you can stand out in the market and improve the performance of your paid ad runs.
  • Always focus on the content and information while creating the landing page. The landing page should be like the trailer instilling more curiosity and interest among the target audience.
  • The CTA buttons, URLs, forms, and so on should be prominent on the landing page so that any visitor can easily take an action.
  • Your landing page should be campaign-specific and audience-specific. It should be narrowed down to match the search results easily.
  • Try to include client testimonials, reviews, and customer feedback on the landing page so that your visitor can get a brief idea about how to proceed.

Let’s get into how landing pages are important for PPC campaigns and how they help your business online.

Importance Of A Landing Page For PPC Campaigns

Landing pages make a huge impact on your business when used in PPC campaign runs. They are vital for converting the target audience into customers in the long run and making your digital marketing stronger as well as influential.

Let’s understand in detail how a landing page is crucial for the digital marketing of your business.

Landing Page Generates Valuable Data & Insights

Landing pages attract huge traction and multiple visitors that come across through the PPC ad runs. Therefore, making it the perfect space for collecting valuable information and data about your audience. You can identify which are your potential customers, how many audiences are visiting your website and how much time each lead is spending on your website, and so on. The landing page is a scoop of data and insight into how your website is performing and you have a list of potential customers in the long run.

You can also add forms or a message section that will allow the visitor to connect with your brand and leave information to connect with them also. You can ask for their name, email addresses, phone numbers, and so on- thus improving your user experience and leading to more conversions in the future.

Landing Page Focuses On Your Target Audience

The landing page helps in focusing the target audience’s attention more on the information and content. The landing page in every PPC campaign helps visitors to find the necessary results for their search queries.

The landing page for PPC campaigns is more user-centric and enhances the user experience while generating huge data and insights about the performance. This way you can channel this data into enhancing user engagement as well as incoming traffic flow and optimizing the landing page.

Landing Page Attracts Traffic & Enhances Conversion Rate

A landing page is linked with the PPC campaigns and thereby it helps in advertising your business and brand. The landing page focuses on increasing brand awareness, improving the sales funnel, and hence conversions.

Any visitor who takes an action is directed to the landing page, thereby giving you an opportunity for you to convert the incoming traffic into users. They are not completely loaded with your business information but are enough to provide a sneak peek into what your business is offering. Any visitor on the landing page is a potential lead that the right action will become a customer.

Landing Page Polishes Mobile-First Experience

Mobile devices have been sampling up all the digital marketing aspects so why leave PPC campaigns out of it?

The landing page for the PPC ad runs should not only be oriented towards desktop users but should also be mobile responsive. This way your landing page can enjoy a huge amount of mobile traffic and generate more quality leads. Just ensure that your landing page loads quickly (within 3 seconds preferably), should not have any broken elements or links, your page elements should be stacked on top of each other within a single column, and that all the forms, as well as CTA buttons, should be interactive and mobile-friendly. This way your PPC campaigns refined user experience even through mobile devices, thus having higher conversion rates and an increased reach. You can also get professional help from PPC service providers in India that will help you to run your paid ads on point.

Landing Page Refines The Quality Of The PPC Ad Runs

As you know landing pages are designed distinctively and separately from websites, they act as a hub for the target audience’s engagement and traction. They make the PPC ad campaigns more impactful as well. The landing pages improve the paid search (PPC) campaigns as you grasp the necessary information and data as you have read before, thereby improving the Quality Score of your page. The quality of your landing page is relevant for improved performance and more importantly conversions.

The Quality Score can be determined through Click-Through-Rates (CTR), keyword relevancy according to the ad group and the landing page experience. Therefore, you must focus on making the landing page more specific, relevant, and mobile responsive to improve your Quality Score. This thereby improves the PPC campaign ad runs. Remember that the higher your landing page’s Quality Score will be, the lower will be your cost-per-click.

Landing Page Serves As A Online Messenger For Your Online Business

The landing page serves as the messenger or link connecting your target audience to your online business. They are specifically designed for PPC advertising campaign runs as whenever any visitor takes any action, they are taken to the landing page.

As you know landing pages have call-to-action buttons, navigation links, URLs, and so that will help the visitors move to your website. This way the landing pages serve as the connecting link between your potential users and your business.

Landing Page Helps To Track Results

With landing pages, you can easily track the results and performance of your PPC campaigns. You can get into details about how traction your PPC campaigns are generating and other related details.

For example, you can easily track how many audiences visited your landing page through the PPC ad runs, how many visitors took action, how much time they spent on the website, how many CTA buttons they clicked, how many of them fill the forms on the landing page, how many quality leads have been generated, and so on.


The landing page is a very significant and valuable part of your PPC campaigns that helps in improving conversions, sales funnel, and business performance. The landing page is a pit stop for visitors where they can match their search results with the information available on the page and then indulge with your business and brand. There are expert PPC service providers in India available with their affordable and experienced services that can boost the performance of your PPC ad runs as well as the landing page. All in all from this blog you can comprehend the importance of a landing page in PPC campaigns.