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Is Slack replacing email popularity?

Is Slack replacing email popularity?

Slack is the current bandwagon that many companies are acquiring to allow free flow of communication within the organization and their team members. was launched in the year 2013. This web-based platform helps in maintaining a smooth flow of communication and its functionality is very similar to other instant messaging chat boxes like Google’s Hangouts, Facebook’s Workplace, and Microsoft’s Teams. Using this technology, senders can share their documents and files along with getting into any kind of group discussions.

Currently, there are more than 10 million users using Slack with around 88,000 paying customers and other software are used by 500,000 organizations. This, certainly reveals the popularity of instant messaging on workplaces but is this an early call for replacing emails?

Know the current trend

Work in the workplace doesn’t start with instant chats yet. Emails are still dominating the workplace where we reply or forward email keeping other members in the loop. However, Slack is considered as a new gateway to the communication process since it saves a lot of time because of direct communication in the workplace.

But emails are still getting preferences due to various factors. It gives the flexibility to communicate anytime and from anywhere. Not only that, but it also grants time to the recipient so that they can reply back as per their convenient time. Disadvantages are there as well as, as our mailbox gets full very often due to overload of emails and we have to keep on deleting the old email for new messages to enter. But if you are looking for a more formal way of communication then the email gets more priority then an instant messenger.

Employees are looking at instant messenger like slack to socialize but for more serious kind of discussion prefers emails. Still, slack puts emphasis on effective work environment and saves time during communication and doesn’t create any boundary between work and fun at the workplace. So, organizations are accepting Slack app for a friendly work environment.

The ultimate goal

It really doesn’t matter whether the employees are communicating via email or instant messaging app. What really matters is how efficiently the messages are carried to run business operations smoothly. Every tool that is used for communication has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, slack really cannot take over the popularity of emails. It depends upon the users to select the best option for making their communication process more effective.